The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on South African household incomes. Even with the Coronavirus relief funds available, many civilians are looking for ways to make extra money during this time. If you’re one of the unfortunate South Africans that suffered income loss during the pandemic or if you’re looking to earn some extra cash, we have a few tips that can help you supplement the loss of income. 

Everyone could use an additional income stream, and with the job and income losses that occurred during the pandemic, a side hustle wouldn’t be such a bad thing. We’ve compiled a few ways that you can potentially earn some extra cash during the lockdown. 

Become an online tutor

Online education is at an unprecedented high. COVID-19 ushered the times of social distancing and working from home; this means that people are spending more time indoors and on the internet. This includes children who need to get through the educational syllabus as well as adults who wish to acquire a new skill. 

Parents who don’t wish to send their children back to school this term (or year) will have to homeschool their kids. The discrepancy is that many parents will have to get back to work gradually, and this presents an opportunity for homeschooling tutoring. 

Advertise your online tutor services on parenting groups on Facebook or register your website detailing your services. 

Online portals like Turtlejar and BrightSparkz allows tutors to earn extra income as well as offer parents a safe way to homeschool or provide additional tutoring for their children. 

Sell your photography 

If you love taking images on you5r DSLR or film camera, you can make money selling these images on stock image websites. Find the top sites to sell your pictures here:

Sell things that you don’t need

This is an instant way of making money during the lockdown. From fashion to home and electronic items, you can weed out the things that you won’t be using and advertise them on your Instagram or Facebook groups that are meant for this purpose. 

Difficult times call for living on much less than we’re used to and making use of our existing resources to make more money. Tell us in the comment section how you have managed to make money during the lockdown.