Legacy email has a bad reputation. It’s just a tool to send and receive emails, maybe schedule a meeting, right? Wrong. Despite these important, core functionalities, email has come a long way since the days of simple person-to-person email threads. Business email technology has been enhanced along with all the other online tools during this age of digital transformation, becoming an important tool for online collaboration.


Gone are the days when email technology is a snail-paced form of communication. With the improvement in added team-based features, your email solution doesn’t have to be the dinosaur in your online tool arsenal, but a multi-faceted platform for ultimate team collaboration.


So what makes business email the collaborative tool of the future? Read on to find out.


You’ve got a suite of collaborative features


Business email solutions are far more than your standard unique email address and calendar views. Today they offer affordable and sound alternatives to Gmail, Zoom and even Slack. No longer do you get a standard professional message service, but video conferencing, instant messaging, group chats and task management.


Anything you need to stay in touch and collaborate with your team, there’s an all-in-one solution waiting for you without having to pay for separate subscriptions for each feature.


It’s always accessible


Whether you want to chat to an employee, quickly ask a question or relay important information to multiple people, you have all the choices at immediate disposal. Business email is on your desktop, your tablet and your phone all at the same time, and you can log on and action any request or respond to any message at the tap of a button.


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It’s non-intrusive


At the same time, its features give you the time and space to contact people and respond to people at your own pace. From notifications to status updates, you can let your team know when you are and aren’t available. Being connected is great, but boundaries are important and it emphasizes a healthy working environment. 


Information is permanently available


Have you ever forgotten a password, details of a brief or time of an event but for the life of you can’t find the information? Don’t spend ages trawling through old emails and messages. With their search functions, you can keep track of all those important snippets of information that you need access to. 


Avoid scrolling for minutes or even hours on end, and use the advanced search functions to sort, filter and find all your information.


It’s secure


Ever wondered how secure your inbox actually is, especially with all those spam messages floating around? Well, business email solutions in fact provide data encryption, detention of unsafe links and ransomware as standard features. Spam will be filtered, and malicious software detected and removed before you even realise it is there.


As a modern collaboration tool, email hosting packages offer numerous features, instant accessibility, personalisation and robust security. They’re no longer a one-dimensional product, but a professional business solution to take businesses into the future of team communication and collaboration.