Running your business with a free Gmail or Yahoo account just won’t cut it. Your primary means of communication as a business owner will be email and therefore you must pay special attention to how you represent yourself. What does your email look like when it shows up in your customer’s inbox? Who’s brand are you advertising when you send email? Business email adds instant credibility to your business in 2021. People are more likely to engage with you if your email is sent from your domain name.

What are the benefits of using business email in 2021?

  1. Credibility
    • In our noisy work ebb and flow where we’re all trying to on-board new customers more regularly, there’s literally split seconds to make an impact. People have to decide whether you are the real deal, determine if your prices are good, and if you can deliver all at the same time. Your business email address simply cannot be You appear immediately more professional when using a private domain name for your business email.
  2. Brand Awareness
    • Your domain name will typically be your business name as well. If you are sending mail from your domain name it means that more eyes fall on your business name. This adds to your brand awareness efforts. Be careful not to use the free email account from your internet service provider. It means you are advertising their brand rather than your own. Also, if you cancel your internet service, you’ll have to lose the email address.
  3. Higher Sales Numbers
    • People will trust you and at much quicker rate. I would possibly never buy anything from anyone who contacts me from a free email address. No one would. Customers enjoy interacting with businesses who make the effort to keep their online appearance clean. Your email might be the first interaction you have with a prospect. Improve your chances of closing the deal.
  4. Better Networking Opportunities
    • Customers and suppliers prefer to connect with like-minded people. A business card with a professional business email address makes an immediate impact. Give people a reason to share your details.
  5. Focus
    • Using a business email address also means you can separate your business affairs from your personal email. Use your Gmail account to subscribe to your favourite retailers’ promo newsletters. Business email is for business only.


How can we assist? now offer a Business Email Service. You can add business email accounts to your domain name. The service offers calendar sharing, collaboration tools, and a very clean webmail client so you dont have to purchase Outlook. If you already have Outlook installed, you can add your business email accounts to it easily. You get also get a free domain name with our Pro option from only R49/month.

Features of our Business Email Product

  • Sending and receiving messages via internet browser webmail application.
  • Robust HTML editor allows you to type distraction-free emails and add styles and formatting easily.
  • On demand content filtering gives you the ability to discard or reroute mail as you wish.
  • Domain-level and custom signatures to add that pro touch to your email.
  • Add your business email to your mobile device in a minute.
  • Share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes with your colleagues.
  • We’ve got you covered with anti-virus protection.
  • No complicated Mail Exchange setups needed.

    Business Email 2020

    A very clean interface to send and receive your email.