So your website is live, your domain name is registered, your web hosting is set up and you’re successfully accepting orders. But having a business online, and in this economic climate, is all about adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to change as and when it is necessary.

While there are many ways for a business to do this online, one of the simplest ways is to extend your curent domain registration and have more than one top-level domain. From, to .com, and even .capetown or .joburg, there are many domain extensions available and they can in fact help you succeed online.

So now comes the big question, why have multiple domains? How will they help you thrive in an uncertain business world? Here are just a few ways having more than one domain name can help your small business.


Protect your brand

The internet is filled with e-commerce websites, all offering similar or competing products to yours. Eliminate the competition and purchase additional domain extensions on top of your primary extension and remove any possibility of other businesses securing a domain name similar to yours. 

If you’re a business in Johannesburg for example and you’ve used a .com extension, you could add and .joburg and prevent any other local businesses choosing a similar website name, with a different domain extension.


Improve local SEO

If your business is hyper-localised to a specific city, like Cape Town, Joburg or Durban, having a geographic top-level domain, on top of your .com or can help towards improving your local search engine rankings

By making use of a .joburg, .durban or .capetown you will signify to Google that your business is relevant to searchers in one of those areas. Google will then in turn make sure to serve your website to searchers, in and looking for that product or service close to them.


Associate your brand with a specific business type

Just as you get geographic top-level domains, so too do you get industry-specific top-level domains. These domain extensions are useful for creating a memorable website name, but also help searchers looking for a niche business or specific service. From .photography, to .tech and even .clothing, you can branch out and assist both Google and searchers to find your specific product or service more quickly than your competitors. 

If you’re thinking about how to point multiple domain names to one website, it’s easy enough to ask your web hosting service provider to make sure all your domain names point to one website. This is typically done via 301 redirects, and will make sure only one website is served to searchers, no matter which domain name they enter, all while your search engine rankings are not affected.

Not only do multiple domain extensions help you associate your website with a particular business type or location, and protect your brand name online. They also make your website more memorable when browsers do find you.