If you’re looking for a sign that your business needs to get online, THIS IS IT. We believe all companies should cultivate an online presence; a website has become increasingly necessary due to the global health pandemic. COVID-19 ushered in a new way of life – social distancing and working from home amongst other things – which resulted in a massive surge in internet use. Businesses with websites are accessible to existing and potential customers around the clock, you need a website to compete. 

To nudge you in the right direction, we’re giving you ways to register your business domain for FREE. Yes, we offer free domain registration when purchasing certain products from us.

If you’re new to the online space here’s a quick step-by-step summary to how you get your business website up and running:

  • Register a domain
  • Select a web hosting package 
  • Build your website
  • Go live

Here’s a cohesive guide to building a website:


The first step to getting your website live on the internet is registering a domain. Why not register your domain for free with 1-grid? We have packages that include free domain registration. Get ready to register your free domain when you shop one of our below-listed products: 

Company Registration 

If you haven’t registered your company with CIPC yet, do it with 1-grid, and we’ll throw win a FREE domain name so you can secure your business name and address.


Professional Web Design 

If you don’t want to go the DIY route for your website, consider getting professional Web Design with 1-grid, and you’ll get to register a free domain name with all our website design packages.  

Large Website Builder 

Go the e-commerce route and sell your products or services online with our Large Website Builder. Our DIY large website builder comes complete with a free .STORE domain registration to put your business on the map.  

Pro Email for Business

Our Business Email package is the perfect work from home solution. It is a scalable business tool that makes collaboration and communication with your team, suppliers or anyone in your business seamless. Our Pro Business Email also allows you to register a free .CO.ZA domain. 

Medium and Large Web Hosting Packages 

Your website needs web hosting to be accessible on the internet, consider getting one of our Medium or Large web hosting plans, and we’ll throw in a FREE domain for your business. 

Large .NET Hosting

Our Large .NET hosting also allows you to register a FREE domain. Host your .NET applications with 1-grid for competitively low prices and free domain registration.

Free .CO.ZA Domain Transfer

If you’re with the wrong hosting provider, switching to 1-grid is FREE for .CO.ZA domains. Plus, you get one month’s FREE Web Hosting and FREE Website Migration Assistance (use promo code ‘moveto1-grid’ at checkout).

Get your free domain and start your online journey with the best in Southy, 1-grid.