Enjoy more traffic to your website, more leads for your business and protect your brand with several domains – search for your business’ domains today!  


You are serious about your brand and invest a lot of time in growing it. So, why would you take the risk of having someone else registering your business’ name online? Perhaps you’ve already secured the .com form of your business’ name, but that is not enough to safeguard your brand. If you don’t register the most important domain extensions for your business’ name, anyone can take it!

Having several domains for your company does not only protect your brand from competitors but it also increase the visibility of your business and enhance your online identity. But with so many domain extensions to choose from, which one do you register first?


Start with a .co.za

Having a .co.za domain shows that you are serious about doing business in South Africa. Google also has a version for South Africa and you can rank better if you use a .co.za domain name – especially when searchers restrict their search to South African websites only.


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Register Your .co.za Domain

Note! Even if you do not intend to design a customised website for South Africa, you can redirect traffic from your .co.za domain to your existing.com/.net/.info or any other top-level domain (TLD).


So, which other domains should you register?

It is a good idea to also register a location-specific domain, such as .capetown, .joburg or .durban. Targeting a specific demographic shows where your business operates from or the area you target.

Different extensions can also present a new opportunity for your business. Domains such as .store, .photography or .construction represents your business’ niche and, securing these types of domains, can make your business stand out in search results.


Looking for something else? Try these top-level domains:

.mobi: With a .mobi you can increase your reach with a truly mobile domain!

.biz: With a .biz, everyone will know that you mean business!

.africa: Get a .africa and promote the growth of the Internet in Africa.

.net: .net is one of the Internet’s oldest domain extensions.


There are many other extensions to choose from. Looking for something specific? Visit our domain name registration page with a list of all the available domains.