“.africa is for organisations, businesses and people that embrace the optimism, resilience, ingenuity and dynamism of the bright continent.” – dotAfrica


Whether you are already operating in Africa, or if you want to expand your footprint and influence in the region, having a .africa domain name has many benefits. Launched in 2017, the .africa domain is open to any individual or business around the globe who would like to identify with this developing continent.


Let’s look at a few of the main benefits of having a .africa domain.


Expand your footprint across the African continent 

One of the biggest benefits of the .africa domain is that it offers businesses the space to grow their influence in the region​. Anyone connecting with a business or organisation with a .africa domain name will know that it has a connection with the African continent. Even in you have an existing name, having more than one domain name is only beneficial to your business.


Access to the fastest developing continent

Another significant benefit of having a .africa domain name is acquiring valuable online space in a rapidly developing and high-potential market. This means that you identify with an exciting, fast-growing region with a bright future. In fact, .afric is one of South Africa’s most popular top level domains.


Connect with other supporters of Africa

Investing in a .africa domain has the potential to give your brand credibility within an African context. By positioning your brand as ‘proudly African’, you have the potential to connect with investors, other businesses and customers who share the sentiment.


Improved search results online

Having a .africa domain name, people who search for local products or services will most likely be directed to your business website. If you are already indexed, you will most certainly appear on the first pages of the search!


If your business operates beyond South Africa, then it’s time to seriously consider a .africa domain name extension. From expanding your online presence, to improving your local SEO, the domain provides opportunities to improve your brand awareness on the continent. 


How to register a .africa domain name:

  1. Choose your ideal domain name
  2. Use the WHOIS database to ensure it’s not taken
  3. Secure it via simple domain name registration