This quite literally has the potential to give you sleepless nights. You have one shot to get it right as a wise man once said,

You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

OK, that’s just Eminem and now the song is in your head so here you go – Lose Yourself.

Once you’ve registered a domain name you can’t really change the registration. The money would be spent and you need to register a new domain. So you need to choose carefully. We’ve listed some key guidelines for choosing a good name for your blog.


It must be the name under which you trade or blog, not under which you are registered

When you complete your company registration you normally select a name such as Million Mile Trading and Investment Enterprises. Your trading name could however be something like Million Mile Travels. The latter is what to include in your domain name – It is then good to register the different extensions so you have less chance of someone else grabbing it. While you are at it register the .com, .africa and .travel. You can get multiple domain names to point to one single website.


Reduce the chances of misspelling

Keep it short and no more than three words. You may also want to use this domain name for your business email as well to ensure consistency. Saying “mail me at” is not lekker and can look like spam.


Keep it relevant and obvious

Many bloggers and website owners have registered domains that are now unused and dormant. Please don’t just grab that domain of a local school you tried to design a website for and blog about your food adventures. your name must be relevant to and encapsulate what you’re all about.


Don’t be special

Domain names cannot contain special characters. You’re only allowed letters, numbers and a hyphen or dash. They’re also not case sensitive.

Following these basics should give you a better idea of what you need to think about when selecting your dream domain name. Happy blogging or vlogging. Don’t forget to check out our website builder tool.