It’s been over 30 years and .com is still the most popular domain name extension on the internet. Synonymous with trust and familiarity, the .com extension was introduced way back in 1985. It is still the most common domain suffix.

Today, there are hundreds of options to choose from, and it often depends on many factors which domain you should be investing in, but the truth is that the .com is the most recognised top-level domain (TLD) and still the best for business.

What are the main factors which should inform your decision of which TLD to buy?

●     Availability

Is the specific domain you are looking for available to register?

●     Customer familiarity

Can your customers identify with the specific domain?

●     Marketing potential

What potential does the domain have to promote your business?

For example, if you are focused on your specific country or continent (for example, Africa), then get a country-specific TLD. It is, of course, always a good idea to also register the .com version of your business’ name, and have it redirect to your main domain.

The main benefits of a .com domain name


An internationally recognised domain


Still the most popular globally. .com stands for “commercial” and was originally intended for commercial websites. Today however many companies, organisations and individuals make use of a .com domain.


A domain that’s easy to remember


Because the .com extension is so popular, it’s more memorable. This means that potential customers will find you easier and faster online!


A domain synonymous with familiarity and trust


With time comes trust, and the .com extension has certainly stood the test of time! People are more likely to trust a .com domain because they are familiar with it. This means that potential customers will be more open to browsing around on and buying from your website.

Finally, because the .com extension is so popular, the chances are great that someone can register your business’ domain name and ask a big price to sell it back to you. You don’t want someone to register a domain that belongs to you, so it’s best to register the .com version of your domain just to be safe.