What is WHOIS

WHOIS is a technology that is used to determine the owner of a domain name. It is an automated method of searching domain registries to find information about the owner, including the address, contact information, and the expiration date of their registration. If you have an active domain name or are planning to launch one soon, it’s important to check WHOIS records with a trusted provider like 1-grid. 

Visit the 1-grid website to learn more about a domain. You can check the following information:

  • Identify if your personal information is protected
  • Find out who owns a domain
  • Learn when a domain name will expire


By checking your WHOIS records consistently, you can ensure that all identifying information is current and correct before launching your site or reactivating an old one. Additionally, it also helps protect against malicious actors who attempt identity theft by targeting inactive domains for which there may be little monitoring of the associated records. Checking your domain through 1-grid will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken proactive steps toward protecting your online presence.

What’s the benefit of using WHOIS

  1. Helps to Protect Your Domain Name

If you register a domain name, your personal information is made available to the public through WHOIS. This can be problematic as it may open you up to spam or identity theft. However, you can use a service that will allow you to keep your information private. This can help to protect your domain name and your personal information.

  1. Helps to Keep Your Domain Name Safe

WHOIS can also be used to help keep your domain name safe. If someone tries to register a domain name that is similar to yours, you will be notified. This allows you to take action if necessary in order to protect your trademark or brand.

  1. Helps You to Monitor Your Domain Name

WHOIS can also be used to help you monitor your domain name. If there are any changes made to the registrant information, you will be notified. This allows you to keep track of your domain name and ensure that it remains in good standing.

  1. Helps You to Understand Whois Data

WHOIS data can be confusing and difficult to understand. However, there are many resources available that can help you to interpret the data. This can be helpful if you need to troubleshoot an issue with your domain name or if you want to research a potential business partner.

  1. Helps You Stay Up-to-Date on Domain Name Changes

If there are any changes made to the WHOIS database, you will be notified by email. This helps you stay up-to-date on the latest changes and ensures that you can take action if necessary.

How can 1-grid help with WHOIS queries?

1-grid is a great multi-purpose solution when looking to launch a new website. For starters, they provide WHOIS queries to make it easy to discover information about any given domain name. Then, you can take the next step and register your own domain name with them. Afterward, you can use 1-grid for hosting so that your site is live and visible on the web. With 1-grid, you no longer need to worry about purchasing hosting separately; they provide everything you need in one package. Simply choose your own custom domain name, pick a reliable hosting plan, apply any necessary design changes, and soon enough – your website will be up and running! 

Plus, their intuitive platform makes web development easy no matter what experience level – from complete beginners building their first site to experienced developers tuning up an existing one.



What is WHOIS and how does it work?

WHOIS is a technology that identifies the owner of a domain name. It is an automated method of searching domain registries for information about the owner, such as their address, contact information, and the registration expiration date.

How do I do a WHOIS search?

Visit this 1-grid page to start your WHOIS search. The process is quick and easy.

What is WHOIS good for?

WHOIS contributes to the democratization of the Internet. Anyone, from businesses and corporations to law enforcement and individual users, can gain access to and use the WHOIS database to determine who owns a domain name and any associated website.