Your Domain

A domain is like a home for your website. It’s where your customers find you. Your domain name is like your home address. If it’s easy to remember and immediately reminds people of your company, customers will constantly be showing up at your virtual door. If not…well, the internet is a big place, and it’s easy to get lost.

Your domain name is of vital importance to your brand identity and can make or break your success as an online business. Choosing one that’s relevant, memorable, and unique requires a bit of creative thinking. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the thinking for you. See our top tips on choosing the perfect name here.

Your Web Hosting

Web hosting is another important aspect of your online presence. Think of it like the electricity connection to your home, the vital power supply that keeps the lights on (hopefully more reliably than Eskom). Ideally, you’d want your electrical switchboard inside your home, so that if anything goes wrong, you can get to fixing it right away.

Having your web hosting and your domain in different places is like having your switchboard in someone else’s house. It’s far less convenient and makes solving problems more difficult. That’s why we recommend that you keep everything under one roof.

With that in mind, if your site is already hosted by 1-grid, why not bring your domain home to us as well?

Local Domain Extensions

Speaking of home, your domain name also offers a way to give your online presence an undeniably local flavour. Choose from a variety of extensions that put your business firmly on the South African map, such as .capetown, .joburg, .durban, and .africa. If South Africa is your target market, these extensions are the best way to let your customers know you’re here for them.

A local domain name does more than just tell customers your location. It also lets them know that they can pay in Rands and rely on customer service that’s close to home. They can also be sure that they’re supporting a proudly South African business. It’s the smart move for any online business that wants to create a loyal and local customer base.

We’ve made it easier than ever to transfer your domain to 1-grid, and to get a local domain name that really lets your business shine. Let your website feel totally at home with us!