This is not a drill. The historic launch of .GAY domain extension is finally here, and 1-grid is allowing you to reserve your dream .GAY domain until the official launch of the domain extension, September 16th.

Why is the .GAY launch a big deal? 

It’s a big deal because people who are part of the LGBTQI+ community can display their pride like a badge of honour on their domain extensions. Getting to a place where marginalized people in our society can wear their social exclusion ‘scarlet letter’ as something to be proud of is a pretty big deal.

Although homophobia (as well as other types of phobias and GBV) is still pervasive in our society and physical spaces are still very hostile to members of the LGBTQI+ community, online visibility is a small but significant victory. 1-grid will be offering the .GAY extensions to customers and here’s why you should consider getting .GAY domain extension if you’re part of the LGBTQI+ community or are an ally:

Creating safe spaces

Creating safe spaces on the internet for marginalized people is crucial for various reasons; it’s beneficial for mental health and to unclench. Living on the fringes of society means that you are always on your guard and that can be mentally exhausting. Connecting with like-minded people whose experiences mirror your own makes you feel seen. The extension will let people know that this is a safe space to be who you are.

Target specific audience

The .GAY domain extension also aims to target a particular audience. Similar to other geo-specific or industry-specific domain extensions, .GAY is also a way to target your desired audience who happen to be part of or allies of the LGBTQI+ community.


Creating visibility for LGBTQI+ communities as well as issues that they face is crucial. Some younger people may feel like they don’t fit in at their school or small town, and having LGBTQI+ visibility is the representation that they need. Everyone deserves to see themselves represented in media and .GAY is another avenue for LGBTQI+ representation.

Show allyship 

Pledge allegiance to the LGBTQI+ community by registering a .GAY domain extension. According to a whopping 20% of new .GAY registration revenue will be donated to nonprofit partners to tackle some of the issues facing these communities. A .GAY domain also signifies your businesses’ inclusive policies. Its displays that your company prides itself in being inclusive, supporting freedom of expression and love in all its forms.  

Wave your virtual pride fag up high and register a .GAY domain now. Follow the link below: