There are many ways your business can utilise the digital world for marketing purposes—no need for taking the expensive route. The likelihood of your website being discovered online can be increased by simple solutions like choosing the right domain

Below we will look at ways your domain can boost your business brand and draw your target market to your business website:

Be creative when choosing a domain name

At the beginning of digital marketing, securing your own brand name or company name as a domain does the trick. This still meets the target group’s expectations for an easy web search for their own business. However, starting an online business and differentiating it from direct competitors is more difficult, especially if your company name is not yet well-known.

It still happens all too infrequently for promotional strategies to choose many top-level domains with keywords relevant to the business or to reserve domains for particular campaigns and events. The field of domain marketing is sometimes overlooked, even though awareness of data protection in IT security or the responsive display of your own website has increased.

Domain and hosting: the perfect pair

Once you have chosen a great domain name, you need to make use of a hosting company to get your website online. It is ideal to use one company for both your domain registration and your hosting. At 1-grid you can get both for a great price. Choose from a variety of packages to find one that suits your business needs. 

Use separate hosting for web pages

Subdomains have played a crucial role in giving websites structure ever since the invention of online hosting. If a clear separation needs to be formed between various services or divisions of a corporation, this divide will not be adequate for businesses and advertisements.

The financing division is a classic example of a big company’s distribution channels. Although it has nothing to do with the company’s primary product, the finance division is crucial to financing the company’s products. It merits its own domain and can be reached by interested parties directly through the company’s home page.

Have a special or hosting an event? Get a separate domain

An excellent way to experiment in marketing is to register unique domains for noteworthy occasions. These can be advertised on separate landing pages or smaller websites and create additional interest independently of the fixed offer on the corporate homepage.

The choice of appropriate domain names is particularly crucial. This needs to be brief and memorable while also standing out from other popular domain names.

Utilise social media

Whether it’s a business website or an online store, a solely digital presence will quickly fade into the sea of rivals. This holds true even if you have chosen a highly original niche and skillfully set yourself out from the competitors. This is where social media comes in.

Social media is a great tool for marketing your website. And no, we are not talking about Google Ads, using a regular profile for your business will do. Create accounts on Facebook and Instagram to create buzz around your business. Share images and articles that link back to your website to generate more traffic. 

To learn more about domains and how to register a new one, we recommend reading the following article:  Domain registration: More than just a name



What is a domain?

A domain name is seen as the address of your website. It is where your customers can find you online. Your domain extension is the last part of your address, for example, or .com.

What kind of domain extension do I need?

When choosing your domain name or extension you can only use one that has not previously been registered. We recommend that you read this article to guide your decision.

How do I know if my domain extension is available?

You can use the 1-grid domain registration tool to see if your domain is available. We also provide alternative domain names and extension suggestions.