It’s time to take your creativity to new heights and put the avocado in your domain name. Local South African’s are not getting their daily fix of ‘avocado on toast’. According to Business Insider, popular stores like Woolworths and Pick n’ Pay is running short on supply and now are charging R50 for the two-ripe berries.

Quick fun fact: Avos are classified as a botanically large berry containing a single large seed.

Paying R50 for an avocado does seem pricey considering that I usually grab a Harvest wrap after the gym for R48 from Kauai that has an abundance of avo included inside – being overwhelmed by this price increase, I now have the urge to encourage people to open up more online fruit stores that produce, deliver and sell avo’s only because people are not taking the whole ‘avos are not in season’ too well.

Don’t believe me? Twitter search ‘Avocados’ and read what the people are saying.


People are heading to Twitter to express their concerns regarding South Africa's shortage of avocado's.

People are heading to Twitter to express their concerns regarding South Africa’s shortage of avocado’s.


After giving some thought around what seems to be a very profitable business idea, I’ve done my research around how you can:

Successfully Pair An Avocado and Domain name.

Here are three quick steps you can take to start selling avocados online today:

Step 1 – Find The Perfect Avocado Domain Name

Before registering your company and do a quick domain name search to spot what names are available for your online fruit-store. I did a quick search in our domain spinner, these are available for registration:


Before you pay full price, look to see if there are any good deals on domain names. 1-grid has a special running until 9 February 2020,  on  .COM and .CO.ZA domains. Look for the pop-up listed on their website to get your unique promotional code.

Step 2 – Keep Your Avocados Safe On The Internet

You need a website filled with curated content about why your avocados are the best – the internet is flooded with stock images and information available free of charge to use. For free quality stock images, try Pexels or Unsplash. If you need a website in under 10 minutes, do it yourself – Local app entrepreneur has proven it can be done.

P.S.: Don’t forget to protect your avocado-rich website.

Step 3 – Tell The World Your Avocado Business Is Online

Get your site live and active on the internet with a Medium 2.0 web hosting package, for only R149/month.