Local vegan restaurants are slowing creeping in and around Cape Town City Centre. 2020, and artisanal dairy ice-cream is surprisingly cheaper than anticipated. Qr codes are being turned into art. Researching out of the office is refreshing and fun, especially when you are accompanied by a close friend and colleague who puts the ‘officer’ in ‘PR officer‘. We strutted along Cape Town’s most popular First Thursday streets, Bree and Kloof street, to ask people three questions, 1. Do you know what a domain name is? 2. What is web hosting? 3. What food specials do you have? (This slotted in last minute, my colleague and I may have gotten a bit peckish).

Out of the fifteen business owners, store manages, and waiters we chatted too, eighty percent could not finish answering without saying something along the lines of, ‘This is not my forte”, “I’m not a techie”, “We hired someone to do those things” or “I just work inside the store, but you can check our Facebook store out”. One of the key insights I took from this trip is that industry jargon does this. It deters people from understanding what was actually being asked.

These are my #MondayThoughts for anyone carrying out marketplace research in 2020 around the Cape Town City Centre area:

  1. Do not make any judgments, not everyone knows what you do.
  2. Avoid just asking questions, include small talk. It creates a friendlier environment
  3. Not everyone has the time to speak to you, but keep trying. There will be someone who can spare a few minutes to chat.

Before I list my favourite place to eat, let me give you a brief overview of what a domain and web hosting are, because at some point in your life if you decide to start an online business, having this knowledge will only benefit you.

Malcom X - education is powerful


What is a domain name?

A domain is a name you give to your businesses’ website. Often you get people asking what is the name of your website address? A domain and website address is exactly the same thing. Generally, people who are not curious about the web hosting industry, will not have the word ‘domain’ in their vocabulary.

What is Web Hosting?

When this service is activated by a web hosting company, your website becomes available on the internet. When people search for it, they will now, be able to find it. The reality is, without a hosting package, your website would only exist on your personal computer.


First Thursday is eleven days away and lunch is 4 hours away (This is if you are taking lunch at 12.30 PM). Cape Town City Centre is usually unpleasant to drive around, so consider taking a walk. You can get your Fitbit steps in for the day. Absorb your daily dose of sunshine and scout what places are open for First Thursday on 5 March 2020.

Pure Elixir Cafe

I actually found this gem in my first year at Vega. Since then, they have only bumped the price up of their legendary vegan chickpea rotis by R10.00. This delicacy would make any meat-lover question the contents of the roti. Yes. It’s that good.

If you are looking for a date to tag along for First Thursday, they have amazing date balls too. Caution: This date may come with an expiration date.

Vegan Cafe - Pure Elixir

Grab lunch for R60 from Lekushi, he was managing the store when I visited last week.

Iron Steak Restaurant

“I came for the R20 ice-cream. Not the steak.” – I’m sure this is where Saskia’s thoughts were drifting.

Artisanal ice cream, plus Saskia, equals, best friends.

Artisanal ice cream, plus Saskia, equals, best friends.

The store manager mentioned to due to his Afrikaans background, he couldn’t understand my domain and web hosting related question.

Shortly after our conversation, I was curious. I wanted to know how to pronounce ‘domain’ in Afrikaans.

The result.

Domain - English to Afrikaans translation

Domain – English to Afrikaans translation

Barnet Fair Barber Shop

This traditional men’s barbershop offers a clean face or head shave. Women are most welcomed too. It was definitely a combination of the friendly staff and in-store fish tank that caught my undivided attention because I definitely was feeling to brave shave my long locks off.


Save the bearded stubble for next week, the gentleman I chatted to in-store mentioned the store usually offers great First Thursday deals and live entertainment.