If you’ve started a small business online, or have a plan in the pipeline to start one, it’s almost a given that resources (staff, time, knowledge) will be limited in the initial startup phase which may cause a business to grow slowly. How would one find a workaround for this? To grow rapidly? And, succeed online? Hire an expert. These days, digital agencies like Modern Web Presence are the go-to. With over 300 clients in 7 different countries, they’re showing up to the party with a well built online presence and strong customer base.

The team at 1-grid were intrigued by their successes and wanted to know from start to end how their business was operating.

1. Tell us more about Modern Web Presence?

Modern Web Presence started in May 2011 as a social media company and quickly grew into a full digital agency.


2. Why/how did the business start?

I started the business as I wanted to help local business get started on social media and needed help with their presence online. I was a golf pro in my previous career and got frustrated when traveling overseas and realized people abroad don’t know what we offer in SA. So it was time to get going and help local business with their presence online.


3. What was the biggest challenge you faced when starting your business?

Biggest challenges are finding people and partners that you can trust and that will be there when you need them. Partners like 1-grid is what makes our business possible.


4. What challenges has the business faced as a result of COVID-19 & lockdown in SA?

We were fortunate that the staff at Modern Web Presence and freelancers are used to working remote even before lockdown. The bigger challenges was helping clients change their marketing plans and to come with solutions to help them survive.


5. What do you think 2021 has in store for your business?

We are celebrating our 10th year anniversary in May, so we are very excited and blessed! We are looking to grow and help even more start-ups and businesses globally.


6. When did Modern Web Presence move online?

Since day 1 we were online and digital.


7. What advice do you have for people who want to start their own business(es)?

Make a list, start small, apply phases and dream big.


8. Where did you hear about 1-grid?

My first web developer I used had a server with “Gridhost” and we never looked back.


9. What made you choose 1-grid?

Our relationship grew and the support has always fantastic. Being with 1-grid for basically 10 years now is proof that things work. It is also nice to speak to familiar people at 1-grid on a daily basis.


10. In summary, what is your impression of 1-grid?

I am a big FAN as they support me, my business and staff. They always got my back.


11. Would you recommend 1-grid to your friends and family?

YES, and we do all the time.


Get in touch with Modern Web Presence:

Modern Web Presence website – www.modernwebpresence.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ModernWebPresence

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/modernwebpresence/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/modernwebinfo

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/modern-web-presence