With the rise in fraudulent activity in the online world, most devices as well as accounts, require strong passwords. Passwords which include numbers, characters and capital letters. The password strength scale rates passwords between 0 to 100, 100 being the strongest. This is why at 1-grid every account password needs to have a strength of at least 80 out of 100.

For further security measures, if an account holder tries to log in with an incorrect password too many times, the account will immediately lock. Making it impossible to access immediately without having to reset the password.

Due to emails being the number one method of communication in the business world, 1-grid has set up strict security measures.

                                                                                                                             An example of a strong password 


When a specific email account on a particular domain, e.g. test@1-grid.com, has had too many failed login attempts, our server will block every email account under the domain 1-grid.com. The only way to resolve this is by requesting that the block be removed and that the particular account connected to the failed login attempts change their email password.

In many cases, due to email passwords being so difficult to remember, our clients lock themselves out of their account. However, 1-grid’s Support Team is always there to assist. Which is why when Marcia Booysen, who had trouble logging into her email account, called into our Hosting Support line.


Marcia Booysen, who has a Linux hosting package for her domain propertymecca.co.za, has been having trouble sending and receiving emails. She was put through to our extraordinary consultant Zolani.

Zolani promptly went through the protocol for an email send and receive error by checking all her email settings and doing a send and receive test on the email server. Once he checked those setting and the test was successfully on the server, he then tried sending a mail on her email client where a different error appeared.

Since everything on the server was working successfully, Zolani then checked if there was a block on the email account. He saw that there was indeed an email block. The block was removed, however, for security reasons the email password needed to be changed to completely resolve the issue.


Once the email password was changed, Zolani then did a final send and receive test on Marcia’s email client, which was completed successfully. Marcia was excited that she was now able to go on with her work. Even better, Marcia received a follow-up call from Zolani to make sure everything was working perfectly! She then decided to go on HelloPeter and write Zolani a fantastic review:

The review reads as follows:

“Excellent service from Zolani at 1 Grid. He went the extra mile to help me with my emails. He even called me back to follow up on my problem Thanks again”

-Marcia Booysen