A domain transfer shouldn’t be a difficult process. Unfortunately, Jean-Jacques Onyumbe experienced the opposite. Jean registered a new domain with his current hosting company with the intention of transferring the domain over to 1-grid. However, this simple process carried on for over two months!

On 26th September 2019, Jean sent an email to 1-grid’s domains department asking for a transfer request to be sent. An hour later, Jean was shocked to receive the news that his transfer has failed due to the domain being on a 60-day restriction as it was recently registered. Therefore, the domain transfer can only take place after two months. This placed all of Jean’s plans on hold.

Domain Transfer

If you would like to transfer a domain to a different hosting company, your new hosting company would need to initiate the transfer.

Unfortunately, this was not the end of Jean’s problems.  Jean had the intention of cancelling his hosting with his current hosting provider due to their ‘’horrendous service’’.  Moving forward, he now needed to pay this company for another two months. Due to Jean not knowing about the grace period, he already purchased and paid for the domain transfer, as well as a hosting package with 1-grid. Jean was now stressing about paying two hosting providers over a period of two months.


My request was handled back-to-back with such professionalism that I am taking this time to sincerely congratulate Ms. Danielle Bailey for her outstanding job.”

– Jean-Jacques


Luckily, since the transfer failed and the package was not being used, Jean requested if he could be refunded, even if it was not the full amount. To his joy, 1-grid informed Jean that he will be refunded the full amount. This was the cherry on top for his amazing customer support experience with 1-grid. Our fantastic domains consultant, Danielle, assisted Jean with this entire process.

Jean will now be moving all his domains over to 1-grid.

After such a tremendous experience with 1-grids amazing domains consultant, Jean decided to write a review for Danielle.


The review reads as follows

In these days and age where social media are widely used to spread negative vibes and comments, I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Danielle Bailey from 1-Grid team.




I was dealing with a request and a messy situation created by another company but what strike at first what that Ms. Bailey took the time to READ my question and unlike previous company I was dealing with, she took the time to analyse the situation and her input was so valuable that I ended up pinpointing the root cause of the drama (back to the previous company)


Than the outstanding service started: Ms. Bailey took ownership of the ticket I logged. She explained and gave me the best options available to me as a customer.


After exchanging and careful consideration we reached an agreement whereby I had to request a refund. This was done professionally and my money was refund in the time frame provided and this was the cherry on top of the cake. This is what I call EXCELLENT customer service!


My request was handled back-to-back with such professionalism that I am taking this time to sincerely congratulate Ms. Danielle Bailey for her outstanding job.


She really put a smile on my face and there’s no doubt that I will be moving ALL MY BUSINESS over to 1-GRID HOST.


Kind regards,