The rise of Social Media has resulted in it becoming one of the biggest and most popular forms of advertising. The features that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter include, increased businesses’ exposure to the world. These features include advertisement campaigns, social media business profiles as well as analytics that gives your business insights on the type people that view and like your social media platforms, such as age, gender and what they enjoy viewing. This will help you get to know your customers better. 1-grid has realised the potential social media has for any business and, therefore, we offer a Social Media Marketing package.


Getting your business on social media with 1-grid

Pixel Tree Media – a digital print and design company in Cape Town has both their website and emails hosted by 1-grid. They’ve decided that it was time to take their business a step further by creating a Social Media presence. However, they had no idea where to start.

Luckily, Lindy who opened up the account with 1-grid saw that we offer Social Media Marketing as a package. She decided that the company needed to increase their reach and get on social media.

After signing up, her team reached a bit of a stumble. Lindy was the only person in the company with admin access to the social media accounts. This caused a problem because Lindy is not always in the office to control the account. Pixel Tree Media’s marketing team now needed to rely on either Lindy or 1-grid to make updates to their social media platforms.

Pixel Tree Media wanted to upload promotions and update information on their social media platforms. Ishrat, their assigned manager from 1-grid contacted Lindy to send admin request to whoever required it. In order to get admin access, the invitations needed to be accepted.

Ishrat took action quickly and Lindy received admin access in a flash. However, the two other consultants had a bit of a problem. The Facebook page is a business page and to receive the invitation, you would need to have your own personal Facebook account with a discoverable email address.

Ishrat informed Simone that two of the accounts invitations have not been delivered due to their email address not being discoverable on their Facebook account. In a matter of minutes, the issue was resolved by Ishrat and all three accounts received the invitations.

After such a positive experience, the company decided to write a brief review about the service they’ve received.


Thank you Ishrat for your efficient and friendly service, you were amazing’’

-Pixel Tree Media