One-click on a website and a page immediately appears on your screen. However, your internet connection and the speed of your computer may influence this. But if every website you click on immediately loads and a specific one does not, then there could be an issue. And if you’re the owner of the website, then it is time to call for support.

Auriol Joy Southgate, the owner of Auriol’s Guest House relies on her website for business. With bookings and queries made through her website, a slow-responding site equals a loss in business. This is exactly what Auriol thought once she noticed her website was loading slowly.

With the thought that she could be losing business, Auriol immediately called 1-grid’s Hosting Support centre. She was in luck because she came through to one of our friendliest consultants, Zaheer.

Auriol explained the situation to Zaheer and that her business is now in jeopardy. The first thing Zaheer checked was the disk usage on her Linux Hosting: Small package hosted by 1-grid. This was done because a website can slow down if the package has reached its maximum quota. However, this was not the case in Auriol’s situation. Her disk usage and website contents were all within range. Everything on the front-end of Auriol’s website was green and good to go.

So, why was the website responding slowly?

Zaheer has done and checked everything his training has taught him to do; he now needed to escalate this to 1-grid’s seniors. He explained to them what the query was and they immediately ran a CFSRead more.

While running the CFS, they found that there were blocks on the website links, due to an IP blacklist. The CFS immediately cleared all the blocks and after the scan was complete the website was successfully loading!


 “He listened attentively before investigating our issue and reverted promptly with feedback and explanation” 

– Auriol Southgate


Five minutes later, Auriol received a call back from Zaheer to make sure that her website was up and running as well as to make sure that all her emails were working!


The review reads as follows:

Google review

Fantastic service from Zaheer Walley! He assisted us with our business domain and email questions. He listened attentively before investigating our issue and reverted promptly with feedback and explanation. He even called back 5mins later to check if everything was up and running as he had promised. 1-Grid, please check your phone lines, clarity/crispness could improve.