When Afristay decided to re-launch in 2014 with Rupert Bryant at the helm, the business took a new direction and grew its brand awareness and customer base substantially. Once an enquiry only portal, the website and the brand took flight with the addition of direct online bookings for accommodation across Southern Africa. The website not only supports local holidaymakers looking for their next getaway but also local accommodation providers in various locations.

With secure, hassle-free online bookings, more customers were able to find and book their dream holidays much faster. Customer experience improved and the platform became a strong competitor in the market. But with enhanced capabilities and increased traffic, Afristay needed a server hosting provider that could offer optimal performance and guaranteed uptime at an affordable rate.

We asked Afristay a few questions about their business success and their journey with us. Read on to find out more about their business:

Tell us more about your business?

Afristay offers individuals, couples and groups their dream place(s) to stay when looking to explore, tour or go on vacation. Afristay offers a booking system that provides a seamless experience from booking to arrival and departure. 

Why/how did the business start?

Founded in 2006, by local entrepreneurs Oliver Bryant and Ric Meulemans, Afristay quickly grew to become one of South Africa’s largest accommodation portals with over 10,000 listings across Africa and 100,000 visitors per month, by 2011.

Feeling it was time for a new direction, Rupert Bryant was recruited as CEO and re-launched Afristay, along with its new website in 2014.

At the same time as re-launch, Afristay also moved away from its previous enquiry-only roots, and began offering bookings directly via the website.

Afristay continues to grow fast and as of 2015, in less than 1 year since re-launch, the website traffic has doubled and has over 20,000 listings and 10,000 reviews, across 2,000 unique African locations, and counting.

When did you move your business online?

We launched the new website in 2014.

Where did you hear about 1-grid?

Rupert Bryant, was the co-founder of Web Africa. Gridhost’s web hosting division emerged from Web Africa in 2013 and re-branded to 1-grid. When Rupert had left this transition had just occurred.  

What made you choose 1-grid?

After looking at comparative offerings, we made a substantial saving of more or less R28k per month by selecting 1-grid as our provider. Furthermore, the specs on the 1-grid servers are at the top of the range in SA.

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