Deciding on whether to get a website can be a wild ride. There are many questions to be asked – how much should I spend? how do I build one? should I get someone to do it for me – these are but a few entry level questions, the list really does go on. The ride seems less risky when you start to uncover the answers you’re looking for. You’ll learn that website costs vary, prices can be high or low but good deals do exist. The internet is flooded with DIY website builder tools, website designers and digital marketing agencies who are on standby to assist and simply the process for you. Here’s one digital marketing agency to consider: CRT Group boasts about turning your ideas into beautiful websites without baffling customers with fancy terminology.


Want to know more about CRT Group? Read on.


1. Tell us more about your business?

CRT Group is a web & digital marketing agency, specialising in bespoke web development, mobile app & software solutions. The digital marketing side of the business assists small businesses reach their target audience through social media management, email marketing, paid advertising and more. We also offer brand development and graphic design services.

Over the past 8 years, we have grown to become one of the go-to web design and development agencies in South Africa. This has been driven in part by our different approach to doing things.

We don’t look at projects as a chance to make a quick buck and move on. Instead, we want to become long-term partners in your business, so that we can continue to add value every step of the way. We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach either. That’s why we find out what your basic needs are first, before using our tech know-how to come up with solutions that are the perfect fit.

Unlike other web agencies that might try to baffle you with fancy terminology, we prefer to keep things simple. We’ll guide you through the entire project process, explaining the motivation behind every decision as we go.

The core of our business values are to build relationships with our clients. We believe that as our clients grow, we grow.


2. Why/how did the business start?

The business was started in 2013 by brothers, Neall & Ryan Siems. Neall had studied software development previously and was working in Cape Town, while Ryan was working for another agency while starting his Visual Art Degree. The brother’s (along with a friend who was eventually bought out, but still friends) decided that they should start their own business, how hard could it be?

Today, the business has grown to an eight-person team and is still growing!


3. What was the biggest challenge you faced when starting CRT Group?

Navigating the numerous government regulations required to start and run a business. Thankfully we came across Finovo Accounting who have helped us tremendously along the way.


4. What challenges has the business faced as a result of COVID-19 & lockdown in SA?

The most difficult challenge the business faced during the initial COVID-19 lockdown in SA, was the uncertainty about how the lockdown would affect many of our clients.

Many of our clients were directly impacted by the lockdown, which filtered down to us. If a client can’t pay your invoices, then how do you pay your staff? We had a few projects that were cancelled or postponed, and then cancelled.

While there was an increased interest in e-commerce business, we also noticed an increase in competition. Anyone that had basic knowledge of how to put a website together were now starting their own businesses, and charging very cheap rates.


5. What do you think 2021 has in store for your business?

We think that 2021 will allow many people and businesses to ‘settle’ within the new normal and will develop new business concepts within the online space. It will also emphasize the importance of using online media to grow and market a business. We believe this will allow us to see growth in both our web and mobile app development services, along with our digital marketing services.


6. When did you move your business online?

We have always been an online business, facilitating online meetings with clients around the country and the world.


7. What advice do you have for people who want to start their own business(es)?

Our advice would be to use digital to your advantage. There are so many business processes and online tools that can assist you in running your business. When it comes to a website, consider how you can sell and engage with your target audience via your website.

A website, especially an e-commerce store or mobile app is an investment for your business. A website isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’ anymore but rather it’s crucial to have. Invest in a custom developed online system for your business, even if you have to start small. Many projects can be broken down into phases with new features added as your business grows.


8. Where did you hear about 1-grid?

We started using 1-grid when it was still part of WebAfrica. We were referred by another WebAfrica client when we were starting out and were looking for a hosting partner.


9. What made CRT Group choose 1-grid?

The wide range of products available and the great service.


10. In summary, what is your impression of 1-grid?

1-grid is more than just another service provider, we’ve built a partnership over the last few years. We trust the advice and service 1-grid provides and can confidently pass your hosting services on to our clients.


11. Would you recommend 1-grid to your friends and family?

Definitely! We have recommended a few. “Thanks for the awesome service over the last 8 years! We’re looking forward next few years working together!” – CRT Group