Buzwe Ekapa is a digital marketing agency, founded by Buzwe Bonga, that is making a difference by giving back to their community. Buzwe Ekapa is a creative hub that assists small businesses in townships with growing their customer base and connections. They offer a multitude of digital marketing services from design to reporting. In addition to being a digital marketing hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses, they also prioritise giving back to the community.

They collect, upcycle and donate sneakers and clothing items to orphanages, homeless people and various other charities in and around Cape Town. The business aims to give back to the community in a significant way. In addition to collecting and refurbishing the sneakers, the young people involved in the initiative also spend quality time with the children at the orphanages to mentor and be role models. They also refurbish and sell sneakers and give 75% of the profit to charities. We sat down with the founder Buzwe and asked him a few questions about his businesses: 

Tell us about your business?  

I run an online business, called Khaltsha TV Online, better known as Buzwe Ekapa Online. My business deals with digital marketing and digital reporting, and multimedia design for local township entrepreneurs. 

Why did you start your business? 

I saw a gap within the digital marketing space in my surrounding which is the township, not that there were no businesses like mine, I just wanted to improve what is currently happening in the industry. Most importantly, to also make money by helping those around me.

What was your biggest challenge when starting your business?              

I had a problem with developing the vision and business idea into reality; everything seemed so far-fetched. Finding clients was a mission on its own as well, as you know everyone now wants to see the work you have done, for them to believe that you can put their businesses where it needs to be in the digital world. Plus, losing business partners along the way due to not sharing the same vision was also a stumbling block. 

What challenges has your business faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?            

The lockdown didn’t affect my business that badly: it came around at a time when I was busy restructuring and creating my online platform to give my business more visibility. Not to brag but, I have since managed to scoop an international client based in New York and am managing their online digital graphics and editing online news videos. I think without the COVID-19 pandemic getting a huge client like that wouldn’t have been possible for me. 

When did your business move online?  

I have always had my business online, through social media, however, that was not relaying the right image or the vision I had for my business. In December 2019 I got a website, and that is where I put a bit more effort into my branding. In 2020 I had to register another domain to serve as a portfolio for my business, as the first website only focused on one product and that was Khaltsha TV, I restructured my site, and I am very happy with the new website.             

What advice would you give to those people wishing to start their own business? 

My advice is very simple: speak about your business and, just start. It’s also crucial to ensure that you have an additional stream of income while you build your business.

Where did you hear about 1-grid?  

I saw a Facebook advert, and I googled it. Read some reviews, and the rest is history. Till today I’m still with the company with no hassles.

What made you choose us?       

1-Grid, for me, was affordable, and they offered the services that I was looking for to take my business online. I must say their contact centre guys were also very friendly when they assisted me with creating my first personal email, that still excites me even today!

What is your overall impression of us? 

One thing that impresses me about 1 Grid is that their support team is always available to assist and within short turnaround time. I have never had any technical issues; their services are reliable, and I missed a payment once, and my website was still up and running, and I sorted that out. 

Would you recommend 1-grid to your friends and family? 

I will forever recommend it to my friends and family. One of my short-term goals is to also venture into website building, and with 1-grids services, it will be easy for me to advise my client to use your services.