The ubiquitous fast-food chain, McDonald’s, announced their plans to test new drive-thru mechanisms and new fast-food restaurant designs. The streamlining of drive-thrus include allowing customers to order their meals via the mobile app, and not have to be in the drive-thru line but rather park at designated pickup spots. The fast-food chain also makes mention of testing delivery and takeout restaurants as part of adapting to the global pandemic COVID-19.  

This new contactless drive-thru mechanism and the move towards more efficiency is a sign of the times. The Coronavirus pandemic forced many restaurants to close their doors and McDonald’s reports that more than 70% of their sales during COVID-19 are drive-thru.

In addition to the drive-thru improvements, McDonald’s is also introducing new packaging that is set to roll out over the next two years to all their restaurants worldwide. The packaging is modern and in a will deviate from the traditional packaging by explicitly stating the contents.

The fast-food restaurant is also introducing a plant-based burger that will cater to people who do not consume meat. This is a bold move for a restaurant chain that is notorious for having unhealthy food. This move is in line with consumers being increasingly environmentally and health-conscious.

McDonald’s is a good example of how businesses need to be malleable and move with the times to stay in business. Here are a few tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition in your respective industry:

Make the most of online opportunities

If your business is not online or you don’t consider the online space a priority, then think again. The pandemic displayed just how important it is for all business to have an accessible website and an online presence. Invest in designing a visually appealing website, your social media engagement and your website SEO.

Move towards contactless methods

From contactless payment methods to contactless delivery systems, cater to social distancing as much as possible in your business. Streamline operations and be creative in finding solutions that will be convenient for your customers and you.

Always think ahead

Conduct market research and think ahead – always put your customers first and leverage their feedback to innovate and improve. Stay agile and change with the times.