Should I leave WhatsApp and swipe over to Signal or Telegram? People across the world are in a frenzy comparing ‘WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal’ asking plenty of questions over the new updates that will take place on Facebook-owned messaging giant, WhatsApp. We have some questions about this and need answers too. After extensive research, we came across a video posted by Emma Sadleir, who’s an expert on Social Media Law. She gives thoughtful insight into WhatsApp’s privacy policy specifically highlighting the data that’s collected and how it’s being used.

To save you time, we’ve outlined key points and answers to your questions around WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal.

 Social Media Law expert, Emma, mentions the following about the new WhatsApp update & privacy policy:


Summary –
  • It’s not unusual for a platform like Facebook to frequently update their terms and conditions.
  • Facebook makes money from increased data sharing between the entities.
  • Facebook bought for WhatsApp for 19 Billion USD a while back.
  • Facebook does not have access to the actual content within WhatsApp, meaning they won’t be able to read your chats or conversations (Messages are end-to-end encrypted).
  • Facebook and Facebook messenger collect way more data.
  • If you want to take the approach of Facebook not knowing anything about you, best solution would be able to delete Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • Predicts that Telegram will eventually want to monetize on the platform in the future and allow for in-app advertising.

“The end-to-end encryption should allay a lot of the fears that people have because I think most of the reason that I’ve seen people jump in off WhatsApp is because they are nervous that their messages are going to be read. I don’t know what they’re talking about that they’re so nervous that the messages are going to be read, that’s certainly not going to happen.” – Emma Sadleir

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What will Facebook/Whatsapp be able to see?
  • How frequently you make contact with an individual.
  • Has the ability to identify your location (You’re able to enable or disable this feature).
  • Status messages.

Facebook ultimately wants to use the data collected to create an online persona to identify our online habits, networking circle and what we’re interested to better target users by showing them relevant ads and content.

In a nut shell, these companies can’t read your chats or messages.

But people are still on the lookout alternative messaging platforms, Telegram and Signal are now being compared against WhatsApp.


Frequently asked questions surfacing on Google:

Telegram or WhatsApp, which platform do people prefer?

WhatsApp. According to a recent Instagram poll I ran on Instagram, 166 users (87%) voted for WhatsApp compared to 28 users (13%) who voted for Telegram and 2 people sent a direct message suggesting Signal.

Survey - WhatsApp vs Telegram

Is Telegram safer than Than WhatsApp?

Both have security features in place. While WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption integrated for all messages Telegram does not have this feature on all messages however gives you the option to open a secured secret chat that does not save your messages.

Why do people use telegram?

Users are using it for the same purpose as other messaging platforms – features include instant messaging, group chats and calling contacts. Users tend to flock to Telegram when outages or privacy concerns happen amongst big competitors.

Is Signal better than WhatsApp?

Yes. If your major concern is security, Signal covers all bases their bases where encryption is concerned by providing encrypted messages, call and metadata whereas WhatsApp only encrypts messages and calls.

Is Signal app really safe?

The app is safe to use and boasts better security than WhatsApp while offering similar messaging features.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram Vs Signal, which one is for you? Best option would be to try them all out, read their terms and conditions to identify which policies you are most comfortable with.

All platforms are available on IOS & Android for download:

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