Lock down has taught me that the uncertainty of ‘when lock down will end ‘  is challenging us while working from home.  It has been almost 7 weeks since the lockdown started in South Africa and I’ve decided to turn off my ‘panic pandemic mode’ and jump onto my folks favourite saying “You need to see the glass half full”. Local DJ Max Hurrell has certainly been optimistic about the situation with his latest song release ‘ZOL’ inspired by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s speech – lifting the nation in high spirits. We learn that as regulations begin to ease from level 4 lockdown to level 3 of lockdown in South Africa, it is sparking a mystic creativity in most and what seemed to be a challenge will soon drift with the wind.

The 1-grid team is staying connected with the world during lockdown, here are a few lessons we learn’t while being under lockdown:

1. Your mental health is important

Life during The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we are thinking about the future and is influencing the choices we make. PR officer, Saskia Schulding, highlights the importance of your social well-being. Social distancing is putting space between people and is making it difficult for people to reach a sense of fulfilment or belonging. Journaling is one way to adequately ensure we are taking care of our social well-being, align your thoughts and goals on paper and take the time to reflect on what really makes you happy.

2. Lockdown has created a newfound appreciation

Having to explore the world via virtual museums  has ignited a newfound appreciation for the ones we call family, the city we live in and spending habits – copywriter, duduonthedaily, boasts about eggs being the Beyonce of food as she learns to save money. Many have felt survival mode kick-in while COVID-19 has influenced spending habits, salary or not, what is worth spending your money on? We might see society shift to a new normal of spending less on luxury goods and more on small businesses who have suffered severely from this lockdown.

3. Working remotely is the new normal

Working in self-isolation has its ups and downs depending on your home environment. Product Manager, Lauren Naylor, has embraced the lockdown with open arms as distractions become less allowing for her productivity levels to heighten. She mentions not having to commute to work everyday has presented itself as an opportunity allowing her to focus on personal projects that may have been previously parked.

4. Change is linked directly to success

Online Marketing Specialist, Craig Fester, mentions the following:

“I think we all know that our ability to adapt to change is linked directly to our success. The one thing that lockdown has taught me is that we need to make room for the people working close to use to also adapt to that change, whether professionally or privately. The sooner we are able to find our groove, the sooner we can adapt to change, the sooner we can attack the challenges that come our way. And that’s the one thing lockdown has taught me.”

Worrying about when lockdown will end in South Africa will only present itself as a barrier in business and personal development. 


We would love to know what changes you are experiencing during this lockdown, what have you learnt during this time? Feel free to share your story in the comments below or email tara.abrahams@1-grid.com