The COVID-19 UIF TERS benefit has been amended to include workers who previously did not qualify for the benefit. The TERS benefit was to help millions of workers who, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, could not put food on the table. 

The COVID-19 TERS benefit could only be applied for by employers who were registered and contributing to UIF. Labour minister, Thulas Nxesi, amended the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme to allow employees to claim even though their employees didn’t register for UIF nor contribute.

According to Business Live, the amendment come amid a legal challenge by three organizations, namely; Casual Workers Advice Office, the Women on Farms Project and Izwi Domestic Workers.

There was also mounting frustration over employers not applying, as the benefit only permitted employers to apply on behalf of employees. The frustration also prompted the minister to amend and allow employees to apply on behalf of themselves. 

The South African states that the new conditions are as follows: “An employee as defined in the Unemployment Act who should have received benefits under this directive but for circumstances beyond that employee’s control, namely that the employer failed to:”

  • Register as an employer in contravention of section 10(1) of the Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act;
  • Provide details relating to the employees in contravention of section 10(3) of that Act and accordingly not registered as contributors; or
  • Pay the contributions contemplated in section 5(1) of that Act in respect of that employee.

Read more about how you can apply if you fall under the categories as mentioned above here: