The country welcomed the lockdown level 1 announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the evening of the 16th of September. Lockdown level 1 comes into effect on Monday the 21st of September. The tapering down of lockdown restrictions means that there has been a gradual decline of in new transmissions, hospitalizations and deaths. There is, however, a looming threat of a second COVID-19 wave and certain regulations are still in effect.

Lockdown level 1 comes with a bit more freedom of movement as well as resuming a majority of economic activity. Ramaphosa referred to alert lockdown level 1 as the ‘new normal’ and here are the main differences:  

Gatherings Are permitted but should not exceed 50% of the normal capacity of the venue

Max 250 for indoor gatherings

Max 500 for outdoor gatherings

Under strict health protocols: sanitizing hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks


Travel International travel permitted but will only be using one of the three main ports that were operational during lockdown; King Shaka, OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airport

Travel may be restricted from certain countries


Funerals The maximum number of people for funerals is now 100

Night vigils are not permitted


Gyms and Entertainment Exercise, entertainment and recreational venues will now be allowed to accommodate up to 50% of the venue capacity subject to social distancing regulations


Alcohol The sale of alcohol for home consumption is now extended to Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00
Permitted for onsite consumption subject to curfew
Curfew Curfew from midnight till 04:00


Sporting Events Existing restrictions remain


Retail Stores Only allowed to accommodate 50% of the total number of shoppers the space can accommodate


Masks You are still required to wear a cloth mask in public spaces


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