In a national COVID-19 update, president Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on the 24th of May regarding the next steps forward. The country as a whole was at level 4 lockdown and still under relatively strict lockdown rules. You could, under lockdown level 4, shop online, take a jog under severe time constrictions, and a considerable portion of the workforce could return to work as businesses were starting to resume operations slowly. 

At level 3, we’re afforded many more privileges – with a whole lot of responsibilities. From the 1st of June, the entire country will be under lockdown level 3. 

What does lockdown level 3 mean for you?

  • Restaurants, bars and taverns will remain closed to sit-down customers 
  • Hotels, guesthouses and any other accommodation premises will not be allowed to sell alcohol
  • Alcohol sale for off-consumption premises will be open from Monday to Thursday at reduced hours
  • The purchase of tobacco products will still be prohibited under lockdown level 3
  • Individuals are free to exercise and to jog any time of the day 
  • Group exercise sessions or jogs prohibited 
  • No curfew
  • Social distancing to still be maintained, so no, you cannot visit friends or have social gatherings
  • Those who can still work from home are encouraged to do so
  • Strict hygiene measures to be adhered to
  • Personal protective equipment, ie. Masks – are obligatory in public spaces 
  • You still cannot travel to another province unless it is for a funeral and you are permitted to do so

We will update this post when further details are available. 

Image courtesy of EWN.CO.ZA