We’ve officially hit day 50 of the national lockdown, and it’s been a long journey. COVID-19 has put the economy, our communities and society as a whole through the most. But we wouldn’t be South Africans if we didn’t flip this tragic circumstance and make pure comedy gold from our situation. 

If you’re looking for serious business, marketing and web hosting tips, click on our other detailed posts on the subjects, this post is purely for comic relief. We’ll be documenting the top or funniest memes to come out of the COVID-19 lockdown to celebrate #Day50ofLockdown.

We can’t talk about Coronavirus hilarity without talking about our dear President Cyril Ramaphosa. South Africans have had the best laughs courtesy of his COVID-19 national addresses. 

Then there are the beauty and hair related posts that are hilariously accurate.


The lockdown also got the majority of the workforce accustomed to working from home and normalised video conferencing: