Update: Government Extends R350 Social Grants For 3 Months

SASSA spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi has confirmed that the SASSA R350 unemployment relief fund will get extended for three more months; meaning, the grant will continue until 30 April 2021. The spokesperson did, however, confirm that the other ‘top-ups’ linked to other forms of grants will not be extended, but will revert to the normal amount.

President Cyril Ramaphosa also added that due to the stretched nature of the country’s financial resources, the COVID-19 R350 grant will not stretch further than the 3-month extension. He also added that conversations regarding a proposed basic income grant are continuing. The president further expressed how ‘colossal’ the economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic has been on the country, with over 2 million citizens losing their jobs. The extension of the COVID-19 grant is necessary as the country is in a state of repair.

The opposition party, The Democratic Alliance, Shadow Minister of Social Development Bridget Masango, has critiqued the government about administration and access to the R350 social grants. The issues with SASSA that Bridget Masango identified were the following:

The partial capacitation of SASSA offices and the exclusively online application process excluded multitudes of potential beneficiaries from applying;

Little was seen of the promised volunteers with special equipment that were supposed to assist applicants; and

A backlog of thousands of emails and phone calls received daily meant that citizens were effectively stonewalled by SASSA at almost every point.

These are serious issues that came up about SASSA’s administration of the grants. If you were one of the affected people, did you know that you can appeal if you got rejected?

To appeal the decision, send an email to:

[email protected]

How to check the status of your unemployment relief fund application:

  • Check the status of your relief fund payment on the WhatsApp number: 082 0468 553
  • If you applied using the platform. All you have to do is add the number to your contacts, and text the word “Status”,
  • Alternatively, use the USSD or SMS line: *134*7737#,
  • Email: [email protected],
  • Dial the SASSA Call centre IVR at 0800 60 10 11,
  • Or visit the SASSA website

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Are you eligible for the SASSA unemployment relief fund but got rejected? 

A large number of people who are eligible for the COVID-19 SASSA relief grant were rejected and this may be because they assess applicants on individual merits and on a month to month basis. The approval mechanism they use means that you may be eligible one month, but it is not guaranteed that you will be eligible the next month. As we tier down lockdown levels and the regulations become less stringent, a lot more economic activity has resumed and people’s finances will also gradually change.

The government also recognizes the toll that the lockdown has had on people and if you were rejected, you are well within your rights to appeal against the decision. Send your appeal to the email below for reconsideration:

 [email protected]

 Will the SASSA R350 grant be extended? 

According to Minister Lindiwe Zulu, the grant extension will see the SASSA COVID-19 Relief Fund coming to an end, and resume as a ‘Basic Income Grant’. The minister emphasized, however, that the Basic Income Grant would be an expensive exercise and talks about the extension are ongoing.

She has not given definitive dates as of yet. But, she did assure South Africans that; those who are eligible to receive the grant, as well as those who won their appeal, will get paid out by the end of October.



The SASSA R350 grant website reportedly crashed on Thursday 2nd July 2020 amid SASSA revealing that it had switched to an updated database. The switch is said to help determine who qualifies for the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. After screening, SASSA found that a large portion of the rejected applicants did meet the criteria but got declined. Updating the database would give qualifying applicants another chance.

It is, however, disheartening that a large number of beneficiaries are yet to receive the first payment. South Africa’s COVID-19 numbers are still rising and have put a financial strain on many households and registered companies; with the poorest being the most affected.

SASSA released this statement:

“Everyone affected will receive an SMS requesting them to provide their banking details. It is important to respond to the SMS as quickly as possible and to follow the link provided. Approved applicants are reminded that the link cannot be shared with others”

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This is how you check the status of your application:




  • Check the status of your R350 payment on the WhatsApp number: 082 0468 553
  • If you applied using the platform. All you have to do is add the number to your contacts, and text the word “Status”,
  • Alternatively, use the USSD or SMS line: *134*7737#,
  • Email: [email protected],
  • Dial the SASSA Call centre IVR at 0800 60 10 11,
  • Or visit the SASSA website, as soon as it is back working again














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