We’re past the halfway mark of our 21-day national lockdown and to make sure that it doesn’t get extended, we all have to play our parts. Now is not the time to be lax about self-quarantine rules. We have to stay vigilant if we want to overcome COVID-19 with minimal fatalities and get back to civilian life.

The president declared national lockdown along with strict lockdown guidelines to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. To mark Lockdown Day 11, we’re revisiting the most basic lockdown rules and regulations to remember.

Gatherings are prohibited 

Lockdown rules prohibit group gatherings during this period. The gatherings prohibition includes dinner with friends, braai’s, religious meetings or any social gathering is not allowed during the lockdown. The only gatherings that are permitted are funerals and can only get attended by no more than 50 people. The first number was 100, but that no longer applies.

No travelling

All national borders are closed for people, but some will be open for goods. Movement between the district and metropolitan areas is prohibited. You’re only allowed to travel to your nearest grocery store to get essentials and pharmacy for medication. Taxis and public transport are available at designated times for commuters who provide essential services as well as those who need to access services.

Wash your hands

As simple as it sounds, this is essential. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Disinfect surfaces and objects in your home religiously. Good hygiene habits will cut down the spread of the virus and remember to practice social distancing. Don’t shake hands and cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

No, you still cannot walk your dog

You cannot walk your dog on the streets, you can, however, walk the dog in your garden. No jogging on the roads or exercising in the park. There are fantastic home workouts from YouTube that you can do in your home, as well as joining live workout classes with the Zoom app.

Stay home

If you’re not delivering an essential service as outlined in the National Disaster Management Act, you need to stay home. The only time you’re allowed to leave your residence is to get essentials like food, medication and social grants. Risking it and leaving your house at this point is not an option and it’s better to ride it out now, so we can do it once and not have to extend.

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