The country has officially moved to lockdown level 2 alert after being in lockdown level 3 and Advanced Lockdown Level 3 for what feels like aeons. President Ramaphosa addressed the country on Sunday, and alert level 2 commenced on the 18th of August. Lockdown level 2 means an easing of regulations and a revitalization of industries like aviation and hospitality that suffered under stricter regulations.


It is important to note that lockdown level 2 does not mean that we are out of the clear, we’re still amid a pandemic and should move with the utmost caution to avoid a surge in COVID-19 transmissions. The National State of Disaster as declared on the 15th of March will extend to the 15th of September 2020.

Here is a summary of the crucial changes that you need to know:

  • People still need to wear masks in public
  • The curfew between 22:00 and 04:00 is still in effect
  • Social visits are allowed but are limited to no more than ten people
  • Interprovincial travel permitted but international travel for leisure remains prohibited
  • The sale of tobacco-related products permitted
  • Licensed premises allowed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Thursday
  • The sale of alcohol at licensed premises for on-site consumption needs to adhere to curfew regulations
  • All gatherings are prohibited, except in the following instances;
  • Faith-based institutions, limited to 50 people;
  • Weddings and funerals, limited to 50 people;
  • A workplace for work purposes
  • Conferences and meetings limited to 50 people
  • Concerts or live performances and theatres limited to 50 people;
  • And casinos by no more than the available 50% floor space
  • Fitness centres and gyms open, limited to 50 people
  • Sports grounds and fields 
  • Swimming pools limited to 50 people
  • Public parks and beaches
  • Museums, galleries and libraries 
  • Personal care services
  • Restaurants 
  • Bars, taverns and shebeens, limited to 50 people
  • Accommodation establishments and tour operators, subject to not more than 50% of the available floor space

With all these privileges comes responsibility; everyone needs to wear a mask in public, adhere to health protocols and social distancing regulations.