President Cyril Ramaphosa’s national address on Sunday 12th of July was mainly about the worrying COVID-19 transmissions. Medical experts predicted the surge as part of the natural progression of the virus – the president states that we are in the midst of the storm right now.

President Ramaphosa puts into perspective why clear and decisive action is needed to save lives with the following stats on the infections and fatalities caused by COVID-19:

As of this evening, there are 276,242 confirmed cases in the country.

We are now recording over 12,000 new cases every day.

That is the equivalent of 500 new infections every hour.

Since the start of the outbreak in March, at least 4,079 people have died from Covid-19.

While we lost a lot of lives due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is also worth noting that our death rate 1.5% is among the lowest in the world. Ramaphosa also condemns those who have shown no regard for the COVID-19 guidelines. We are all responsible and play a part in the curbing COVID-19 infections.

The following regulations still stand: 

  • Wear a cloth mask that covers our nose and mouth whenever you leave home.
  • Continue to regularly wash your hands with soap and water or sanitiser.
  • Continue to clean and sanitise all surfaces in all public spaces.
  • Keep a safe distance – of at least 2 metres – from other people.

He also added that due to increasing evidence of the virus being airborne transmitted, we should also: 

  • Immediately improve the indoor environment of public places where the risk of infection is greatest.
  • Increase natural ventilation, avoid the recirculation of air and minimise the number of people sharing the same space.
  • We must do this in all health care facilities, nursing homes, shops, offices, workplaces, schools, restaurants and public transport.

We will remain on Lockdown Level 3 but with the following additional regulations: 

  • Alcohol ban with immediate effect to decrease the burden on healthcare facilities as we head to peak COVID-19 infections
  • Everyone is required to stay home; only those who seek medical attention, and travelling to and from work can leave their homes
  • The nighttime curfew is back between 21:00 pm and 04:00 am from Monday the 13th of July
  • Masks are required when in public; shop owners, managers, public transport operators, and owners of public buildings are required by law to enforce that everyone wears masks

The president of the Republic of South Africa announced that he would be addressing the nation tonight, the 12th of July. The address by Cyril Ramaphosa comes as a result of the surge that South Africa has seen in COVID-19 infections. The exact time of the speech is set to be 19:00, but if we go by the president’s past delays when it comes to addresses of these nature, then all we can do is sit by and wait.

The opening of liquor sales is said to have placed a massive burden on healthcare facilities; hospital trauma units have are overburdened with alcohol-related admissions. As well as the disregard of lockdown regulations from citizens. It is unclear at this point which of the lockdown regulations will tighten up to try and curb the COVID-19 spread.

We will update this post with the revised lockdown regulations when the address happens.