Getting your company registered with CIPC is essential, and many small business owners are under the misconception that getting registered is an arduous process. Company registration has become a seamless process due to the online application mechanism.

What do I need to register a company? 

To register your business with CIPC on 1-grid, you’ll need a potential business name(s), a once-off R899, and the following company registration documents:

  • Certified Copy of our ID (and other director’s certified ID copies)

How do I register a company with 1-grid? 

  • Find a company name and domain to reserve. Sign up or login as a 1-grid customer
  • Add company address and financial details
  • List 1 or more company directors
  • Review your checkout and leave the rest to us

Why is it important to register your business? 

Registering your business is crucial if you want to be a legitimate business. The benefits of being a registered business are:

  • Separating your personal assets from the company;
  • Attracting investors;
  • To be considered for government assistance; and
  • To prove the legitimacy of your business.

What is a company registration number in South Africa?

A company registration number gets issued to you when you register your business and is used in a search to verify if a company exists or not. The company search results will display the name, company number, registration date and will outline if the business is active or not.