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Free Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses 

Budding entrepreneurs understand the struggle of starting your business with little to no financial capital. Starting a business is no easy feat, but the growing popularity of online shopping in South Africa makes entrepreneurship more accessible and starting a business with minimal capital is a possibility. Once you get over the hurdle of just starting, the next challenge becomes driving traffic to your website and increasing sales.

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Pick n Pay Acquires Bottles 

Retail giant Pick n Pay announced that they had acquired South Africa’s first alcohol delivery app Bottles. The acquisition comes at the heels of Pick n Pay partnering with Bottles throughout the COVID-19 lockdown to offer same-day delivery of groceries and other lockdown essentials. According to Pick n Pay CEO Richard Brasher, the acquisition will be complete by November.

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How To Start A Business Online

The internet has revolutionized a lot of things but, one thing it’s made more tangible and accessible is starting a business. People from all backgrounds are now, more than ever, empowered to make their entrepreneurial ambitions a reality. The global pandemic has had an immense impact on the South African economy and household incomes.

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Starting a Business? Here’s a New Business Checklist ☑

Venturing into entrepreneurship and seeing your vision come to fruition is an exhilarating experience. There is no linear path of starting a business – you start with what you have and where you are. If you’ve been sitting with a lucrative business idea that you’re passionate about and haven’t started – what are you waiting for?

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