In honour of National Beautician Day that falls on the 26th of June annually, we’ll be talking about what the career entails and how you can make money in the business of beauty. National Beautician Day is meant to celebrate those who selflessly work long hours at salons, on set or doing house calls – often without recognition – to make the world a beautiful place.

With South Africa still in lockdown level 3, beauticians are currently unable to operate. They will, however, be allowed to render services once advanced lockdown level 3 comes into effect. Now is the opportune time for beauticians to start marketing their services online to get more customers when the go-ahead is given to operate.

But first, many people use the services of a beautician but don’t know what the career entails, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about beauty therapy. This is also helpful for anyone who’s seriously considering going into beauty therapy.

What is a beautician? 

A beautician is a professional who is skilled in beauty treatments that include but are not limited to manicures, pedicures, makeup, hair styling and removal, and aesthetic massages.

Top qualities that a beautician should have: 

  • Good time management skills
  • Friendly and personable 
  • Stamina 
  • Curiosity
  • Qualification
  • Entrepreneurial attitude 

How to become a beautician? 

Beautician is one of those careers that need you to get formal training – winging it or being self-taught won’t cut it. Although, like any other career, a natural curiosity and self-starter energy will get you far, formal training and licensing is crucial.

There are numerous accredited beauty therapy courses in South Africa. You need to do your research to find the course that offers your chosen speciality and ensure that the institution has accreditation.

This is how you check if your prospective beauty academy or respective institution is accredited or not:

For further reading, this is the national framework for the beauty and nail technology qualification:

What is the difference between a beautician and a cosmetologist? 

A beautician provides haircare, design and styling as well as facials and waxing. A cosmetologist, on the other hand, provides nail care such as pedicures and manicures.

How much money does a beautician make? 

Becoming a beautician can be a very lucrative career. Working at a salon will give you the security of always having work and a guaranteed basic salary. Those who go the freelance or entrepreneurial route, can make a lot of money and have ownership of their schedule and how much money they are able to make.

Going the entrepreneurial route is the way to go because it affords you the freedom and you are your boss. We did a post about how beauticians can market their services in preparation for Advanced Level 3 Lockdown.

You can watch the detailed web builder demo that shows you how to build your website in under 10 minutes. Also, use the power of social media to market your business.

Beauticians make the world a prettier place and to here’s how we can celebrate these amazing humans:

  • Spreading the word when you’ve received amazing treatments 
  • Following their social media accounts and tagging them on the post 
  • Leave a tip when you’re happy with your treatment 
  • Give constructive criticism if you feel unhappy with the results 
  • Support local beauticians