The Coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on a lot of businesses and households alike. An overwhelmingly high number of people are unemployed as affected industries have had to come to a halt, on the flip side; some companies are experiencing growth and are currently hiring.

Job hunting in lockdown has an added layer of complications; namely, the interviews take place remotely via video conferencing apps. Video calls can be awkward even when it’s with people you have work relationships with, so we have a few tips that will ensure that you ace your lockdown interview.


Dress to impress

Yes, your dress code still matters. Dress like you’re going to an interview – not just the top part of your body, wear actual pants and shoes to get your mind in the game.

Do a test run and practice 

A test run before the actual interview is essential when dealing with technology. The test helps you identify any connectivity or audio problems well before the interview starts. Struggling to get your connection or sound right for the first ten minutes is not a good look. Make sure you practice beforehand and check the technical aspects ahead of time.

Ensure that there are no distractions

Try and eliminate noise or distractions. If you live with other people or children, choose a quiet room in your house that has minimal noise and distractions.

Have your CV on-hand

Nervousness sometimes will get the better of you, and you might forget important things that you ought to mention; having your updated CV next to you can help tremendously.

Make the most of ice-breakers

Ice-breakers are standard practice at interviews, and they function as a way to make the interviewee more comfortable. Use the questions as a way to flex your personality and conversational skills. During this period, the questions will probably centre on COVID-19 and the lockdown – make sure you’re well-informed and have smart or witty responses to possible Coronavirus lockdown questions. You will also probably get asked to tell the interviewer(s) about yourself; have your elevator pitch ready for all the obvious questions that you will get asked.

Research the company and position

Display in your answers that you have researched the company and have knowledge about who they are and what they do. Researching the company and the role you are applying for is part of interview preparation. It’s also essential for you to ask questions about the company before making your decision. Inquire about their work from home policy, workload, the economic impact on the business and other things that may influence your decision.


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