The COVID-19 lockdown has wreaked havoc on the South African economy, affected industries as well as households. In a country with an alarmingly high unemployment rate, the Coronavirus pandemic amplified matters; an overwhelming number of people have no source of income and are on the job market.

Social distancing and lockdown level 3 adds a layer of complications to an already frustrating process of seeking employment. We have a few tips you can try to increase your chances when job hunting in lockdown South Africa.  

Polish your CV

Ensure that you have an updated version of your CV; check that all the information on there is correct and remove unnecessary details. The Balance Careers details the top 15 things you can leave out of your resume and here are a few;

  • Long paragraphs
  • Irrelevant experience
  • Personal information
  • Photographs
  • Previous employers contact details. Provide references upon request
  • Reasons for leaving the past employer

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Clean your social media accounts

Employers, more often than not, will go and stalk your social media platforms; it’s essential to ensure that your social media accounts, not just LinkedIn, present you in the best light. Delete posts that you wouldn’t want prospective employers to see. Facebook recently launched a Manage Activity Tool that allows you to bulk delete posts.

You are allowed to be a goofy version of yourself on social media but also remember to post content that you won’t be ashamed of when walking into a boardroom or professional space.

Study the job specification 

Knowing the job spec is crucial to increase your chances of success. It includes the required characteristics and qualifications of the successful candidate. It also defines the duties and tasks that make up the job. Knowing the job spec helps you determine whether you have the skills to do the job and if you even want to do it.

Research the company 

Researching the company you’re interviewing for is essential. Have insight into the company products or service and what they do. Having a clear understanding of the company will help you in the role you’re interviewing for and prepare you for the interview process.

Set goals 

Job hunting can be a daunting task and demotivating if you’re not getting the desired results. Setting realistic goals keeps you on-track and motivated. Set an objective of 2 applications a day, including company research, checking your emails and spending time on job search portals. Approach your job hunting like a job; wake up early and spend dedicated hours refining your job search every day.