COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on businesses and individuals alike. Coronavirus has left many South African companies in dire financial situations; with some companies having no other option but to close shop. With retrenchments and unemployment rife in our country, a large number of the population find themselves seeking employment. If you are actively looking for vacancies or need to forge business connections, consider using LinkedIn as a tool.  

LinkedIn is a great platform for young professionals, freelancers and business owners. It’s a place to showcase your expertise, recommendations and make meaningful connections.

Here are a few tips to putting your best face forward on LinkedIn:

Create a cohesive profile

Firstly, decide how you want to present yourself to the professional world and craft your profile around that. If you’re an entrepreneur, IT guru, or creative, your profile picture needs to reflect the industry. Think about how you want to be perceived by potential recruiters or employers and put that energy forth. 

Complete all the required information; your education, qualifications, previous job experience, current job and skills.

Optimise your page 

Be concise with your job description

The first major part of LinkedIn optimisation is your job description. Don’t use vague roles that don’t explicitly describe what you do. Put your best foot forward and be concise. Use the latest industry terms; that’s what recruiters will be searching in the search bar.


Be descriptive 

Be very descriptive with your career history and previous positions. Detail all your responsibilities and duties at those respective companies. Search engines love lengthy content, so flesh it out thoroughly; this helps when recruiters search on LinkedIn. Your career history is a natural way of incorporating industry buzzwords into your profile.

Tag companies that you’ve worked with

Most companies have LinkedIn profiles; tag your previous or current employers in your employment history for validity and to get more connections.

Add your skills

Add your skills to your profile and don’t be stingy. LinkedIn also has a great feature where you can determine your skills via a quiz if you’re unsure.

Don’t leave the About section empty

As I previously mentioned, search engines (LinkedIn has a search function, and we consider that a search engine within the website) love content. Write at length about your work experience, strengths and the skills that make you an asset. The About section is also an opportunity to use industry-specific keywords.

Link or attach your work

If you have a portfolio of published work, use the Featured section to showcase your best work.

Grow your network

LinkedIn is a networking app, and you have to be active on the platform; interact and share industry-specific content with your connections.


  • Follow people in your industry
  • Follow brands that you would like to work with
  • Be active on the app, share and like posts from connections
  • Ask your managers or people you’ve worked with before to endorse your skills and write recommendations
  • Join industry groups to stay updated on the latest developments and conversations in your industry


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Additional Tips: 

  • If you are new to an industry and aren’t sure about the buzzwords, do keyword research with these tools and pick out the relevant keywords to incorporate to your profile:

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  • Google job specs for your chosen career for clarity on the key touch-points that you need to include in your profile
  • If you’re looking for a job, don’t forget to switch on the #OpenToWork function on LinkedIn
  • Use the search bar to look for vacancies. Their search algorithm is excellent for finding key phrases for job opportunities
  • Upload your latest CV for ease-of-use when applying for vacancies on the app
  • Make sure you use your correct email address and check-in regularly because recruiters are always searching for talent

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