The Coronavirus pandemic has made finding employment harder; many businesses have had to scale down, with some shutting their doors for good. The economy is not in an ideal place, and many South African households are barely getting by. Finding employment has become a plight for an overwhelmingly high number of South African citizens.

To assist you in your job hunting journey we’ve compiled a list of the best free CV templates in accordance to CV best practices.


What should your CV entail? 

Your CV should include the following main sections:

Contact information

This is a crucial part of your CV, and you need to ensure that the information is correct and includes: Name and Surname, Contact Number, Email Address, Job Title and Location.

CV Summary 

The CV summary or objective needs to be clear and concise. Include relevant experience, achievements and your goal in no more than two sentences.

Work experience

Follow this standard format when speaking about your work experience in your CV:

  • Job title
  • Company name and location
  • Achievements and responsibilities
  • Date employed


Include the skills that are necessary for the position you’re applying for as well as skills from previous experience. 


List your educational qualifications in the following format:

  • Degree or program name
  • Institution
  • Year attended

CV Do’s and Don’ts  

👎 DON’T Make it no longer than two pages

👍 DO Make sure that the information is correct

👎 DON’T Divulge Personal information

👍 DO Use good English

👎 DON’T Saturate it with unnecessary images

👍 DO Keep it simple

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Here are FREE CV samples you can use to create a standout CV: – all you need to do is pick your industry and fill out the required fields, and download your free CV. – allows you to edit the fields, choose your language and download your free CV. allows you to download free templates in a Microsoft Word Document according to your industry. – gives you access to a variety of CV templates available for Microsoft Word download.

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