Ten months working at a local web hosting company and my Outlook mailbox is cluttered due to all the emails I receive for my 1-grid product test accounts –  I happily welcome these customer invoices, payment reminders, and confirmation emails because it gives me the opportunity to cross-check and feedback accordingly to the rest of my team if needed.

There are two ways I can deactivate my services: 1. Walk over to our cancellations department and politely ask them or 2. Call-in and make the request to cancel the services I registered. I’ve opted for option two because having a good understanding of how processes work in a company is extremely important as you can identify key areas to innovate and ultimately it eases your workflow too.

P.S.: This is me actually killing two birds with one stone. Included in my list of tasks this week was drafting a blog article, creating social media process flows, which now, has been tweaked slightly.

Let’s cancel one domain at a time, starting from the bottom of my domain list. These are the current domains I have registered to my web hosting test accounts and company registration test packages:

  • ta-curated.co.za
  • taratest.co.za
  • taratest11.co.za
  • bricks2clicks.org.za
  • taratest5.co.za
  • taratest5.com
  • taratest5.com
  • taratestmarketing4.co.za
  • taratestmarketing5.co.za

Here are the steps I took to cancel my web hosting account associated with this domain: ‘taratestmarketing5.co.za’.

Step 1:

Google search ‘1-grid cancellation’ and navigate to the third result that surfaced in my browser titled ‘1-grid Hosting | Contact Us in South Africa to Get Your…’.


Step 2:

If you need further assistance that is not related to canceling your active 1-grid services, you can browse through the FAQs surrounding 1-grid’s billing, hosting, domains and web design services. When you scroll further down the page and you have the option to cancel your service in four ways:

  1. Live chat
  2. Customer Zone
  3. Knowledge Base
  4. Contact Support


Step 3:

Contacted 1-grid customer support on 021 200 1200 and proceeded to make the request to cancel my domain along with my web hosting package attached to it.


Step 4:

Before making the call to support ensure you have your customer code number closeby.

During this step, the agent requested for my customer code, which meant I had to navigate back to my customer zone on 1-grid.com.


Step 5:

The next step included highlighting which package I wanted to cancel along with the relevant domain attached to it.


Step 6:

Most companies want to know why customers might be cancelling their services – towards the end of the call, I got asked, “Why are you cancelling your services with 1-grid today”.

My reason: “This is a marketing test account that I’m currently not using”.


Step 7:

The last step included two security questions I had to answer in order for the agent to validate that I was the rightful owner holder cancelling my 1-grid services, they included:

  1. Identity number
  2. Email address