Women’s Day is officially the 9th of August, but we like to think of it as Women’s Month in South Africa – a time to celebrate women and all their positive contributions to society. Women are the backbone of this country, and in August we commemorate women in all their splendor.

This year, once again, Women’s Day is marred by COVID-19, but the pandemic doesn’t have to halt the celebration of phenomenal women. We’re giving your business five ways to celebrate the women in your organization.

But first, some background information on the significance of August being declared National Women’s Month and the 9th of August being National Women’s Day.

 Why Women’s Day is celebrated

We commemorate Women’s Day in August to pay tribute to over 20,000 women who marched to the union buildings on the 9th of August 1956 to protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. The day was monumental because women came in large numbers despite race, class and creed to stand together during Apartheid South Africa and march for a common goal.

Is Women’s Day a public holiday? 

Women’s Day is a public holiday in South Africa, observed on the 9th of August every year. If National Women’s Day happens to fall on a Sunday, the following day will be observed as a public holiday.

Here are five ways you can celebrate women during Women’s Month in your business:


1. Host a breakfast or lunch for the women in your company

Treat your female employees to a little breakfast or brunch to celebrate them during Women’s Month.


2. Donate to a charity or organisation

Donate to a Women’s shelter or charity. Here are some organisations you can contribute to:

Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children

Rape Crisis


Sister Assist


 3. Host an entrepreneur talk

Invite a female business professional to give a talk and answer some questions the women in your organization may have about entrepreneurship in South Africa. This talk can be done via a video conferencing app to maintain social distance and may even spark some business ideas.


 4. Share inspiring quotes by women on your social media platforms

You  don’t need it to be Women’s Day to feature inspirational business women, but this is the perfect time to celebrate women in your business or customers on your social media platforms.


 5. Mentor and provide internship opportunities for young women 

Use your expertise in your chosen field to mentor young women and contribute towards skills development in South Africa.

There are endless ways to celebrate women during Women’s Month in a substantial way. Think about ways that provide value to the women in and around your business, and you’ll make a meaningful contribution to Women’s Day this year.