1-grid.com is a fast-growing web hosting company focused on assisting small to medium-sized businesses build an online presence – essential in today’s digital world. Dane Miller from 1-grid recently had an interview with Website Planet to talk about application-based solutions to grow online. He discusses how 1-grid’s DIY or custom tools for creating, securing and maintaining your web presence gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business.


Can domain names be purchased through 1-grid?


Yes, we offer an extensive range of both popular and trending TLD’s that can be purchased via 1-grid.


What are your Web Hosting plans?


Our goal is to become a central point for the SMB sector, so we provide all the fundamental application-based solutions required to maintain and grow your online presence.  We realise that these days it’s not just about having a website, you need to stay abreast of changes. You need access to the relevant tools that can contribute to your growth.  Our aim is to be the experts when it comes to your web presence, allowing you, the business owner to focus on your strength, your business.


What are your Server Hosting options and how are they different from Web Hosting?


We offer a range of server options from standalone and managed VPS solutions as well as providing the traditional standalone server option.

We’ve recently launched an Enterprise server offering that carries the highest spec configurations available on the African continent. Beyond being proud of having this enterprise options in place we also cater to every level of business by offering 6 varying product solutions adaptable to both resource and pricing considerations.


Is SSL included with hosting?


SSL certificates are included with every level of validation.


How does your DIY Website Builder work?


Our DIY builder provides a single point of entry for customers to manage not only the design and deployment of their website, but also to look after their general hosting requirements. Additional features are available to customers who want to build and run an online store.

Our web builder was designed for businesses on the go. It’s been built with ease of use at its core, removing the complexity of having to read manuals or requiring any level of design experience.

Beyond being easy to use, it’s 100% mobile friendly, again eliminating some of the difficulties faced with traditional DIY solutions.


Do you offer custom design and development services for customers not into DIY?


An in-house team of experts are available to look after customers not ready to try their hand at DIY.  We offer the full spectrum of services, including a dedicated account manager, qualified content writers and expert designers ready to assist.  Whether you are starting from scratch or need to improve your existing design, they are here to help you.


Do you offer any marketing services such as SEO guidance or social media?


Yes, we do.  In conjunction with your custom design, we also provide varying levels of SEO guidance and strategy implementations to ensure you’re noticed online.

For social media, we’ve recently launched our very own social marketing product. It’s focused on growing your social footprint and generating potential leads for your business.


What website security measures are in place?


Security is our top priority, so we employ automated vulnerability patching & malware removal as standard on our hosting environment.

We also offer additional security solutions to look after individual customer needs.


How can your customers access support?


We offer three modes off access for customers requiring support – via telephone, email or live chat.