‘Tis the season to spread joy. From startup stocking stuffers to go-getter gadgets, we’ve scoured the Internet for options and we’re here to guide you through the seasonal gifting sprint. In the interest of ensuring that your gift isn’t exiled to the “never-been-used” closet stockpile; we unpack the rules of endowment.

These are our top picks for the entrepreneurs and small business side-hustlers in your orbit.


Gift Idea #1:

Work Hard, Play Smart.

In between the strategic sprint sessions, a game is a good way to slack-smart while building relationships with colleagues.

We vote for:

A classic chess set or the themed variation for die-hard fans:


Table-top foosball (because the correlation between start-ups and foosball cannot be ignored):


Gift Idea #2:

Small, But Make It Useful.

For on-the-go-getters in perennial communication with team members, partners, and clients; give them the gift of staying charged.

We vote for:

This nifty multi-purpose smartphone charger:


The modern-day essential – A power bank


Gift Idea #3:

Novelty That Doesn’t Wear.

Never underestimate the power of a mug. This simple option makes it easy to transport the morning/midnight fuel; so it’s a necessity for the multi-tasking professional.  Throw in a bag of craft coffee beans and presto, you’re a master at this gift-giving thing!

We vote for:

Everyday office paraphernalia that says “I’m the cool boss”, even if it is a one-man/woman show:

This classic Star Wars travel mug:



Gift Idea #4:

Read Between The Lines.

Entrepreneurs endure numerous challenges during the start-up phase and beyond, invest in their learning curve and present them with written wisdom from experts.

We vote for:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey


  • The Confidence Code for Girls by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay


  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap, & Others Don’t by Jim Collins


Gift Idea #5:

Get Schooled.

If you enjoy giving as good as you get, there’s simply no better gift than brokering the acquisition of knowledge. Help the small-business owner in your life to grow with an accredited business course of their choosing.

We vote for:

Udemy’s entrepreneurship courses:


Gift Idea #6:

The Big Idea.

As a small business side-hustler, you never know when lightning will strike. It’s useful to keep track of your ideas by jotting them down in a notebook that doubles as a productivity planner.

We vote for:

This notebook diary and pen combo:


Gift Idea #7:

Silence is Golden.

There’s beauty in a good pair of headphones especially if you need to gather your thoughts. Whether it’s being used for podcasts, music, or audiobooks, getting lost in sound or silence is often a panacea for the busy minded entrepreneur.

We vote for:

These noise-cancelling headphones:


Gift Idea #8

Bend Over Backwards.

Stress is part of the entrepreneurship package. There’s no magic chill pill, but –you’ll excuse the pun–business owners need to be flexible. So if body and mind were to convene for a leisurely diversion, it would probably be yoga.

We vote for:

A yoga class pass:

Gift Idea #9:

.com Credibility.

Give the gift of custom domain registration and you’re securing the opportunity for a small business to thrive online.

We vote for:

*Shameless plug*


Gift Idea #10:

Reach New Heights.

If you’re going to be looking at a screen for 8 hours, you may as well do it standing up.  Standing desks are on the rise (sorry!), and, backed by numerous reports–it’s a smart gift choice if you’re invested in the ergonomic well-being of that special entrepreneur in your life.

We vote for:

This easily assembled option: