Twitter Fleets is officially live! After months of testing, Twitter HQ finally launched the exciting new feature in South Africa and, in true Twitter fashion, Fleets is a trending topic.

 Twitter now follows the likes of Instagram and Facebook with the 24-hour story feature. The originator of users posting content that disappears is, of course, Snapchat, and after seeing the popularity of the app, other social media platforms followed suit.

The big debate now is that if Twitter Fleets takes off, does that signal the death of Instagram? Instagram at the core is a photo-sharing app, and people use their Instagram feed to communicate visually. But recently, users are not posting as much on their IG feed, and that’s why Instagram Stories do so well. It’s a non-committal way of sharing random everyday content without committing to having that on your IG feed.

It’s also worth mentioning that Instagram shipped a monumental change this week to their user-interface: they moved the notification icon on the homepage to the top right corner and in its place, put a handbag icon that takes you to the new Instagram shop. Many users complained that Instagram is using people’s muscle memory to its advantage because users instinctively click there to see their notifications. Users seemingly have a disdain for hard-sell advertising and are deterred by Instagram’s attempt at that. Will this disdain for the Instagram Shop drive more users and Influencers to Twitter? 

With Twitter being a ‘microblogging’ platform, the addition of Twitter Fleets adds a multimedia layer to the app. If you’re a frequent Twitter user, you understand that Twitter drives conversations as well as breaking news. And if you had the opportunity to have those Twitter qualities mixed with IG’s visual aspects all in one app, you probably would frequent IG much less. And users are already ‘Fleeting’ up a storm. Twitter is abuzz this morning while everyone tries the new feature out for themselves.

We are going to be looking at the ways that small businesses can make the most of Twitter Fleets to drive more traffic to their website and increase sales.

Here’s how you can make the most of Twitter Fleets for your business: 


Share Time-Sensitive Deals And Offers 

The fleeting post feature is useful for sharing deals that have an expiration date. You don’t need to compose a Tweet for a discount code that expires in a few hours because by the time that Tweet gets sizeable Retweets, Likes and gains traction, the deal would be over. Leverage Twitter Fleets for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.


Be More Accessible/Humanize Your Brand 

The core of social media is to be accessible to your customers, and Fleets present the opportunity to be a little less formal and stringent with your communication because it is ephemeral. Fleets are where you can post jokes, fun facts or anything of interest that relates to your industry or product. Fleets present an opportunity to humanize your brand and craft an image that customers can relate to.


Give Audience A Behind The Scenes Look 

Twitter Fleets, similar to IG stories, is an informal channel for brands to bring their audience a peep behind the scenes and make them feel like they are part of the brand. Profile your employees, showcase your office space or give interesting behind the scenes Fleets of your products.


Start Important Conversations

Twitter is about having compelling conversations, and the Fleets feature will aid in having insightful thoughts that don’t need to live on your timeline. Unlike Tweets that have a character limit, you can use pictures, video and text on Twitter Fleets and create multimedia, unrestricted content.

Experiment with Fleets today and see how you can incorporate the feature into your social media strategy. Brands that move with the times and are on the cusp of pop culture have a longer lifespan, and if you want to continue growing and getting new customers, be nimble and try new things.