The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced many to rethink the way they work and working from home or remotely has become the norm. In the age of social distancing, national lockdown and COVID-19, many companies are requiring employees to work from home. People are increasingly looking for careers that allow for freedom of working remotely or from home. 

Outside of the Coronavirus pandemic, younger professionals require more freedom to work flexible hours and remotely. Careers have changed, and most millennials most likely have more than one job and want the freedom to travel and be able to do their job from anywhere in the world. These are the career options or industries you should be looking into if you want the flexibility of working from home or remotely or contemplating starting a side hustle. 

Careers in tech: 

Most occupations in tech require a laptop and a good internet connection. Some of these careers include web developerdigital copywriterweb designer, computer network architect and data science, among others. Jobs in the technology field are in high demand and are very lucrative. 

Most of these careers will require a formal qualification, but it’s not essential, you can learn through online courses, teach yourself by doing research and staying curious about your industry. There are constant technological advances, and you have to stay up to date and becoming a student. 

Creative industry jobs:

The creative industry is a tough one to break into, but it is a space that is conducive to working remotely. Think along the lines of content creation, art director, video editor, graphic designer and artist. All these job functions can be done remotely or from the comfort of your bed. 

Register on freelance sites like UpworkDesignCrowd and Fiverr to get more freelance gigs. Update your social media accounts such as, LinkedIn and use hashtags for all your skills to make it easy for recruiters to find you.

Education and training jobs:

There are a lot of education and training jobs for online learning. You can teach people a skill that you already possess on YouTube or be a lecturer on an online learning platform like Udemy. You can also provide online tutoring services for school kids and help them with subjects like Language or Mathematics. 

Sales and marketing jobs:

Online content marketers, social media manager, copywriter, paid media specialist and telephonic sales if your expertise lies in marketing, these jobs allow freedom to work remotely or from home. 

Start your own business:

There’s no time like the present to start your own business. Register a domain with us and build your website and start investing time in your own business. If you already have a bankable skill, consider offering your freelance or consultation services to small businesses. You can approach businesses and tell them what services you offer and what you can do for their bottom line. Approaching businesses will, however, require a level of professionalism. Make sure you have the following:

  • An accessible website with examples of your work
  • professional business email that contains your domain name
  • Collaborative tools like video conferencing, team workspaces and calendar functionalities (all these are available with our Pro Email)

Ultimately, putting yourself out there, asking questions and approaching businesses is the sure way to get clients. Also, keep your portfolio updated with your latest work and keep going at it.