What would the integration of technology mean for wanting to register your company in 2021? Would it be better? Or would it be worse? Online company registration would mean, not having to fill out forms at The CIPC and having your company registered in seven days or less. 

How do you successfully implement technology into company registration?

Start evaluating activities at the most basic level of your company. What processes can be automated? Workflows facilitated by technology in the workplace has changed the benchmark for many industry experts, gearing them to serve clients better by creating faster communication methods, faster payments, speedy filing, and extra-ordinary customer support systems.

How has tech changed communication in the company registration process?

There is almost no need for face-to-face interaction. Communication technology allows for businesses to exchange information between customers more efficiently. Questions raised by customers are answered swiftly, thanks to the internet, e-mail, telephone and online messaging platforms like Facebook messenger. 

These days, if you wanted to know what necessary steps you need to take to register your company in South Africa, in less than 60 seconds Google will deliver over 4 700 000 000 search results displaying how to register your business.

If you do not have access to the internet , you would have to seek expert advice from a nearby company that will register your business for you.

Avoid the hassle of standing in a queue, register your company online today.

How has technology changed finance?

It has created a cashless system, processing payments has become less time consuming, seamless, and is transforming the way money comes in and out of businesses. 

Now, companies benefit through cost and time savings, eliminating excessive costs incurred through physical transactions.

How has tech changed filing in the company registration process? 

It has changed how documents are exchanged, stored and is influencing companies to implement paperless strategies. What does this mean? An increase in productivity levels and positive customer experiences. 

How would documents be exchanged without the integration of technology?

  • Human to human interaction
  • The old faithful post-box

To conclude, filing and exchanging documentation is far more convenient and cost-effective, avoid expenses like fuel or printing costs, simply submit the documents required to register your company online.

How has technology changed customer service?

What is customer support, and how is it relevant to the company registration process? At 1-grid, it would involve assisting customers with any questions that may arise – we aim to respond to these queries quickly and efficiently as possible.

How could you get in touch with one of our support agents using technology?

Head over to 1-grid.com, click the green live chat button in the right bottom corner of your screen and fill in the contact form. A support agent will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How could you get in touch with one of our support agents without using technology?

You would be required to drive to our offices in Paarden Eiland to schedule a meeting with one of our support agents in order to answer any questions you have about the company registration process. 

Not only has technology created a better environment for anyone looking to start a business, but it has also created new-easier ways to start a business – anyone can learn the ins and outs of the working world on the internet.