If you’re thinking of getting internet for your home or contemplating switching to a different internet provider, we’ll hopefully assist in making your decision a bit easier. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have influenced internet usage because everyone is staying home more as well as working from home. A good internet connection is crucial to be able to stream your favourite Netflix shows and attend video conferencing meetings, without constant interruptions by a bad signal.


DSL is getting phased out, if that’s what you’re currently using for home internet, consider changing to fibre or fixed LTE. The disadvantages of DSL range from the speed being dependent on proximity to the main distributor point to having to have a phone line in your home. DSL is good for basic internet use like sending and receiving emails and browsing the web; streaming or gaming will require a more secure connection like LTE or fibre.

To help you decide on whether you need fibre connection or Fixed LTE, we’ve tabulated the advantages and disadvantages of both:

  Advantages Disadvantages

·         Less signal loss

·         No interference because there’s no electromagnetic interference

·         Much faster speeds because these cables are able to carry a lot more data

·         More reliable

·         More expensive to install

·         Takes longer to install and to fix in case of fibre cuts

·         It has a higher latency than wireless


Fixed LTE 

·         It is faster/has lower latency than fibre connectivity

·         Is quicker and less expensive to install

·         It is quicker to fix in case of issues

·         Interference from solid objects like trees or buildings can occur

·         Electromagnetic and Radio interference can degrade microwave signals

·         Microwaves suffer from attenuation due to atmospheric conditions such as moisture or weather conditions like heavy rains and snow

What’s the difference between fibre and Fixed LTE?

Fibre optic cables use light for your internet supply, instead of using electrical signals. The fibre optic cables transmit data through light beams that move at around two-thirds of the speed of light. In short, fibre is 66 times faster than the speed of electrical signals. LTE, on the other hand, uses the same 4G method that your smartphone uses to connect to the internet. It’s a simple and accessible way of getting internet at home. The only limitations are coverage and congestion in high-traffic areas that can impact the internet speed. Fibre is the most reliable internet source but it, unfortunately, is only available in certain areas. 

Use the link below to determine the fibre availability in your area:


LTE is the simplest way to get internet to your home. Installation is quick and easy, plus you can do it yourself. We’re comparing the best Fixed LTE deals from popular internet service providers in South Africa:

ISP Network Anytime Data After-Hours Data Price Router Included
Axxes Telkom 20GB 20GB R199 No
Afrihost Telkom 20GB 10GB R249 Yes
WebAfrica Telkom 20GB 10GB R249 Yes
Telkom Telkom 20GB 10GB R249 Yes
MWEB Telkom 40GB 20GB R359 Yes
Rain   Unlimited Unlimited R479 No


ISP Network Anytime Data After Hours Data Price Router Included
Axxes Telkom 100GB 100GB R759 Yes
Afrihost Telkom 100GB 100GB R759 Yes
WebAfrica Telkom 100GB 100GB R759 Yes
Telkom Telkom 100GB 100GB R759 Yes
MWEB Telkom 120GB 120GB R769 Yes
Rain   Unlimited Unlimited R479 No


Here are the best fibre deals in South Africa:


MWEB Afrihost Telkom Vox Axxess

50GB – 10/5Mbps at R559

100GB – 10/5Mbps at R609

50GB – 20/10Mbps at R659

Uncapped 10/5Mbps at R659

200GB – 10/5 at R709

100GB – 20/10 at R709

50GB – 40/20Mbps at R749

200GB – 20/10Mbps at R892

100GB – 40/20Mbps at R829

50GB – 100/50Mbps at R829

Uncapped deals:

10Mbps at R647

10Mbps+ at R727

20Mbps at R797

20Mbps+ at R857

50Mbps at R1017

50Mbps+ at R1067 100Mbps at R1267


Capped deals:

50GB at R557

100GB at R577

200GB at R617

500GB at R977

1000GB at R1487

Uncapped offers:

10/5Mbps at R705.13 Softcap deals:

100GB – 10/5Mbps at R705.13

100GB – 20/10Mbps at R806.1

200GB – 40/20Mbps at R1007.76

400GB -100/50Mbps at R1613.3


Cost of fibre line Speed:

4Mbps at R571.50 10Mbps at R661.50 20Mbps at R711.50 40Mbps at R791.50 100Mbps at R871.50


Cost of data package in MBs:

100GB at R79

200GB at R159

300GB at R239

400GB at R319

500GB at R399

600GB at R479

800GB at R559

1000GB at R799 2000GB at R1599

Blitzfibre 10/10Mbps uncapped at R629


Opensrve 10/5Mbps at R545


Frogfoot 10/10Mbps at R579 Read more:

Fibre is subject to availability in your area; check availability here: