Using all the online avenues available to market your business online is advisable in the era of COVID-19. With the surge in internet use and the free time at our disposal due to the national lockdown, growing your business online should be a priority. Having a robust online presence brings brand awareness, potential customers and can increase your revenue. 

We’ve spoken a lot on this platform about the importance of cultivating your company’s social media presence and engaging with your customers more, especially during this time. A social platform that sometimes gets neglected, however, is LinkedIn. The LinkedIn app presents an opportunity to connect with professionals around the world and to present your business in a professional light.  

Similar to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has its own set of best practices that are favourable to the algorithm. The app also has different modes of engagement and uses. We’ll discuss a few actionable tips that will help get your company LinkedIn up to parr. 

Create a cohesive company page

Your company page is the heart and soul of your business. Be thorough when putting it together, and don’t leave any gaps. 

  • Check what your competitors are doing and improve on it to stand out
  • List all your company awards or achievements
  • With their permission, add well-known clients to your profile
  • Include a link to your company website 
  • Use the banner space for campaigns that you want to push

Optimize your page

Conduct keyword research and add those words or phrases into your company profile. The keywords must be descriptive of the products or services you provide. Incorporating keywords to your profile will allow users to easily find you when they type a search query on the professional network. 

Grow your network

Networking is the backbone of the LinkedIn app, and growing your professional network is the ultimate goal. Content marketing is a great way to improve your network and build brand awareness. 

  • Provide compelling content to your readers. Share blogs, videos and webinars that are relevant to your audience
  • Join the right groups in your industry 
  • Interact by sharing and liking other people’s industry-relevant posts
  • Make sure all your employees follow the page, like and share your posts
  • Promote your page on your customer mailers and prompt customers to like the page and write testimonials or recommendations 

Measure the results

How do you know that your hard work is paying off? details how to measure your efforts using:

  • Visitor analytics
  • Engagement metrics 
  • Follower analytics 

This article goes into more depth: